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23rd April 2006, 00:26
Well, no matter what campaigns any other company puts together, it's always Reitmans that comes out with the most gorgeous images of Barbara Brickner, and therefore, the most stunning promotions of them all.

There are three new summer images of Barbara at the Reitmans site, and she looks simply breathtaking. This rich crimson color looks gorgeous on her, and she looks a little flushed, which only heightens her beauty:


I also really adore the image in the link below. Her hair looks longer than ever, and with the wind catching it, it has such a romantic effect- a cover-worthy shot if ever there was one. The blouse is very feminine, too, so she looks like the heroine of an epic love story.


M. Lopez
23rd April 2006, 09:49
My goodness, that really is a dramatic image. It could be a movie poster, or serve as the cover of an edition of Wuthering Heights.


Barbara looks spectacular with longer hair. She always manages to bring something fresh to every campaign, something that makes her beauty that much more stunning. And Reitmans clothing is becoming more feminine every season, which is wonderful to see. I love the Old World embroidery around the neckline.

And while I do like the fact that Reitmans produces those amusing TV commercials (the site has a few of them online), what I really wish is that the company would also post some "behind-the-scenes" video segments. I'm sure that a brief online video documenting the making of this summer campaign would show Barbara to best advantage.

There's also a very pretty image of Nadia Pena in the Encore Petites section of the site:


It's one of her most attractive images ever, I think.

24th April 2006, 07:17
That very romantic image of Barbara is also on the Encore landing page:


The longer hair is pure magic.

Unless Lane Bryant actually manages to steal Barbara away for themselves, I think it will have a real challenge marketing in Canada, since Reitmans has built up so much loyalty with its consistently beautiful and size-positive promotions.

I really like the gold image as well, which also shows Barbara slightly flushed, and so pretty, and with one of her unique bewitching expressions.


30th April 2006, 00:20
<br>Other retailers may produce lovely campaigns as well, but Reitmans will simply not be undone as the company that unfailingly produces <i>the</i> most attractive images of Barbara Brickner--and therefore, the most stunning promotions in the industry.

The photograph below, from the new Reitmans summer flyer, is utterly breathtaking, and easily matches <i>Mode</i> at its very best. Never has Barbara looked more curvaceous and goddesslike. Reitmans is now shooting its campaigns as full-fledged celebrations of womanly curves, and is producing clothing that is more feminine than ever before--and the results are artistic masterpieces.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br19.jpg"></center><p>With an image such as this, Reitmans proves that size-celebration has triumphed. It is here today--right now--and all of the old inhibitions about the beauty of opulent curves have disappeared, to be replaced by unadulterated body love.

The Reitmans site features many other new images of Barbara that are simply too gorgeous for words, showing her modelling alluring summer styles. Be sure to visit the links posted earlier in this thread to see more examples, and don't miss the new summer flyer, linked below, to see Mrs. Brickner's beauty at its most resplendent.<p>- <a href="http://www.reitmans.com/pdf/Flyer21_E.pdf" target="_blank">Click here to view the new Reitmans flyer</a>

30th April 2006, 23:48
I've followed all of the Reitmans campaigns as discussed on this forum, and I agree that this is their loveliest ever -- and a personal best for Barbara. That image of her in the blue top and breezy white linen skirt is one of the most pro-curvy pictures I have ever seen, anywhere, and if anyone ever asks me what kind of images I would love to see in a plus-size magazine, I can point that one out and say, "THIS is it." It's absolutely remarkable -- perfect in every detail.

I also have to say that the Reitmans clothing is much worthier of Barbara now than it used to be, more fitted and youthful. I love the many sleeveless styles, especially the camisoles.


And the lace-trim peasant skirt on the Encore home page is very pretty. I adore all of the peasant styles, and the lace trim is a wonderful touch.


These romantic styles look like they were made for Barbara -- and for all curvy goddesses.

2nd May 2006, 15:16
Never has Barbara looked more curvaceous and goddesslike. Reitmans is now shooting its campaigns as full-fledged celebrations of womanly curves.
I have to chime in on this thread again, because I agree - that image of Barbara in blue is amazing. It IS subversively plus-positive, because it unapologetically glorifies luscious curves. It is also an ideal depiction of reality, because if you see the whole shot on the Reitmans site, its shows Barbara being admired by two young men - and that is an accurate reflection of the real world, in which goddesses with womanly figures are adored. Hollywood hides this - Madison Avenue denies this - but it is true, all the same.

Besides that amazing, I love how relaxed Barbara looks in this campaign as a whole. She always creates a really comfortable mood in her photos.


And although Im not a jeans person, I have to admit that Barbara even makes these denim capris look tempting.......