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26th April 2006, 23:51
Although Charlotte Church is regrettably not plus-size, I know she gets good press here because at least she's curvier than most celebrities. Plus, she's made many size-positive comments. For example, in the following article,


she made the following statement of body love:

"I don't do the gym, my only workout is on the dance-floor on a Saturday night. And I love a good Chinese. Because I'm happy I eat and eat," she confessed..

"I just love food and hate the gym, and it seems to be a pretty curvy combination."

It's the sort of thing that more young girls need to hear.

But is it all just lip service? Maybe not.

Charlotte just debuted a new TV commercial for Walker's Crisps in the U.K. ("crisps" is apparently what the British call potato chips), and here why I think this ad is a stroke of genius, and is really done in the spirit of aesthetic restoration:

a) Charlotte is dressed in a curve-adoring gown
b) the setting is pure Orientalism, ultra-opulent and plush
c) she's shown snapping her fingers and having her every whim attended to
d) the ad begins with the words "She was the sort of woman who got whatever she wanted," and ends with the words (get this):

"Real ingredients, pure indulgence."

These promotional photos capture the spirit of the ad:


This has all the brilliance of a "Sexy girls have dessert" campaign- only this time, it involves actual food.


It also features a celebrity who is at least somewhat curvy, and who promotes genuine body-love.

It's all sounds too good to be true, but there you have it. I only wish everybody's favorite plus-size models could get such amazing TV ads. Christina or Barbara or Charlotte Coyle would look gorgeous in this ultra-feminine setting.

There's a link to an online video of the ad on the following web page. Click on the text that reads, "You can see the advert by clicking here" (obviously).


Or try the link directly:


29th April 2006, 23:35
I love the commercial, and I think it really stumbled onto something - how the fashion and food industries could get their acts together and come up with some clever cross-promotions. Doesnt someone have a web log that covers "food, fashion, and fun"? This ad has all three. After all, these industries are all about adding something to life, and making women happy, and they should join together to fight the real enemies - the diet/torture companies that try to take things away from life, and make women miserable.

Anyway, I just had to add a great little blurb about Charlotte Church that I caught online:


She has the BEST attitude! The article is short, so Im just going to post the text here. I cheered when I read this:


Charlotte defends curvy look

Charlotte Church has defended her curvy look after she recently gained some weight.

And the Welsh singer will not be going on a diet, even though she goes out with sporty rugby union star Gavin Henson.

Church told Closer magazine: "I'm a curvy girl - I'm not one of those skinny models with a tent on, which is how most of them seem to look these days."

She added: "Gavin's a sportsman so he eats healthy food but in general I like to eat anything that's not a vegetable!"

M. Lopez
2nd June 2006, 00:27
There was an interesting article online about Charlotte's ads a few days ago. It mentions how the lavish look of the ad campaign mirrors the return to opulence in fashion, and links this to the allure of the fuller female figure.


The article isn't 100% positive, but here are some of the best excerpts:

WITH her emerald green dress sliding suggestively off one shoulder and cut to reveal just enough bosom, she looks like a glamorous leading lady promoting a 1940s film...

"This trend is lot more wearable for people," she said. "It's nice that fashion is moving back to a shape that is womanly and very feminine - curves - showing off the bust and waist...

Emma Chisholm, account director at AMV, the advertising agency behind the campaign, added that although the company's goal was to depict a feeling of indulgence, it was a coincidence that the look in the advert emulates this season's key fashions.

She said, "I think it's always the case that adverts need to link in, keeping with what's fashionable. But the advert is about finding that moment when you shut out the world and indulge"...

That's a nice sentiment, and especially welcome at a time when the media is othewise trying to give plus-size women a collective guilt complex. The idea of giving yourself time to shut out the drone of negativity, and just indulge - that's so refreshing to hear. It reminds me of Mode's mantra. It's an appealing message, and one that I hope all full-figured women take to heart.