View Full Version : The ''soft, full look''

2nd May 2006, 11:36
The title of this post is a bit of a tease, but that is kind of the point.

I love the fact that voluptuous, romantic hairstyles are so "in" right now. Its a perfect example of a timeless look updated for the present day. But do you ever get the feeling when reading articles about this that the writers are really talking about more than hairstyles? In other words, that they want to be celebrating fullness of figure, not just hair?

Look at the language of the following article, for example:


Is the writer really just talking about hairstyles?

"There aren't as many updos going on right now," says Chela Davison, owner of Haven Hair in White Rock, B.C.

"It's that really soft, romantic look. Big hair is definitely back."

...where just a few years ago there was hard structure, we now have rounder, more natural curves. Davison says plump curls and voluminous, "blown out" hair are tops on the wish list for prom this year.

"The whole 'every hair is in an exact place' thing is not what's going on at all," she says.

There is plenty of face-framing fullness, achieved through side-swept bangs and oodles of body...

Also, when it comes to loose, curly styles, if you look like Orphan Annie when you leave the house that might not be such a bad thing.

"Go excess volume: more of a bend in the fringe, more of a bend in the sides, tighter curls -- because as the night goes on it's going to drop," says Davison. "Go bigger than you feel comfortable going."

"Soft," "big," "rounder, more natural curves," "plump," "Voluminous," "face-framing fullness," "oodles of body," "go excess volume," "go bigger." The language is pure size celebration. And obviously, these styles suit plus-size beauty better than the malnourished look. But I just get a feeling that the subtext is promoting the beauty of a fuller figure altogether, and not just hairstyle.

I just hope that in the near future, these terms and this kind of advice will be explicitly applied to body type, and that fashion will finally advise women to adopt a "soft, full look" in terms of their physique, and not just their hairstyles.