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M. Lopez
4th May 2006, 11:54
This is just a reminder that Saturday, May 6, is International No-Diet Day.

As has often been pointed out on this forum, every day should be a no-diet day. But for people who have been brainwashed into starving themselves needlessly, this could be an important break with their self-punishment, one that eventually leads to complete freedome.

I found a couple of articles on the subject. Here's a rather positive one, that definitely has the right tone:


And here's an excerpt of the best section:


Indulge your naughtiest culinary thoughts

Staff reporter

Thu, 04 May 2006

On 6 May 2006 the international health community urges you to indulge.

Traditional butter chicken curry with litres of cream, Tuscan lamb stews with lashings of red wine and golden roast potatoes, deep-fried Asian prawns, homemade bread, imported cheeses, triple-layered chocolate gateaux smothered in dark chocolate ganache... mmm...

The best thing about it all is that you need some indulgence every now and again as part of a healthy lifestyle. International No Diet Day (INDD) is a backlash to the dieting obsession around the world and a reminder for you to enjoy your food experiences.

And here's another one that provides a little background about the event.


The site is pretty unpleasant, so again, here's the relevant info:

No diets this Saturday

Created: Thursday, May 04, 2006

In 1992, Mary Evans Young, director of the British anti-diet campaign Diet Breakers, founded International No Diet Day (INDD). Support it by wearing a light blue ribbon on the 6th of May.

Where it started

Mary says: "I started INDD in the spring of '92 following two things. The first was seeing a television programme where women were having their stomachs stapled. One woman had split the staples and was in for her third op[eration]. And then a young girl of 15 committed suicide because 'she couldn't cope with being f**.'

"She was size 14 (12 in the US). I decided somebody had to stand up and try to stop this bloody madness and in the absence of anybody else, I decided it would be me...

"I was desperate to keep the anti-diet/size acceptance concept in the public eye. So, without really thinking about it, at the end of a live TV interview I said, 'Don't forget to celebrate No Diet Day.' ...Having declared it on prime-time national TV, I then set about organising a picnic in Hyde Park. Alas it rained, so we adjourned to my living room instead."

From a picnic in Mary's living room, INND has spread around the globe.

Since 1993, INDD has been celebrated in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, across the United States and now itís time to celebrate it in South Africa too.

Consider the following:

The average American woman is 1,63 m, weighs 63,5 kg, and wears a size 14 dress.

One-third of all American women wear a size 16 or larger.

Between 90% and 99% of reducing diets fail to produce permanent weight loss.

Two-thirds of dieters regain the weight within one year. Virtually all regain it within five years.

The diet industry (diet foods, diet programmes, diet drugs etc.) takes in over $40 billion each year, and is still growing.

Quick-weight-loss schemes are among the most common consumer frauds, and diet programmes have the highest customer dissatisfaction of any service industry.

Fifty percent of nine-year-old girls and 80% of 10-year-old girls have dieted.

90% of high school girls diet regularly, even though only between 10% and 15% are over the weight recommended by the standard height-weight charts.

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate (up to 20%) of any psychiatric diagnosis.

Girls develop eating and self-image problems before drug or alcohol problems. There are drug and alcohol programmes in almost every school, but no eating disorder programmes.

INDD is a day to:

Take a day off from whatever crazy diet plan you are following and instead honour listening to, respecting, and responding to your body's unique hunger and satiety needs.

Declare a personal one-day moratorium on diet/weight obsession

Wear your light blue ribbon and take the pledge:

That I will not diet for one day, on May 6, International No Diet Day (INDD).

Instead of trying to change my body to fit someone else's standards, I will accept myself just as I am.

I will feed myself if I'm hungry.

I will feel no shame or guilt about my size or about eating.

And I will try to do at least one thing I have been putting off "until I lose weight".

I prefer to more positive tone of the first article over the negative approach of the second, but hey, whatever works. Whatever encourages young women to stop starving, and to enjoy life to the fullest!

4th May 2006, 16:01
Promotion for International No-Diet Day has even appeared in publications in Los Angeles, the home of an entertainment industry that relentlessly showcases waif actresses. It may be a small drop in a big pond, but even the smallest drop can create big ripples...