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M. Lopez
29th May 2006, 17:59
This is just a typical bit of celebrity fluff. Or is it?

I've never heard of this couple, but I think he's an Australian pop star, and his wife is also a celebrity - either in that country, or in England.

But what makes this gossip post-worthy is that this fellow's opinion gives voice to what most men actually believe about curves and beauty. The media claims that men want women to starve and torture themselves into a bony shape. But the truth is just the opposite. And for once - because the man in question has a degree of celebrity standing - the truth "got out".

The link is here:


but the text is short, so I'll just post it below:


Peter Andre believes wife Jordan is “too thin”

Friday May 26th, 2006 at 12:31 pm

Peter Andre believes his wife Jordan was “too thin” and is happier now that she’s putting on weight.

Peter told Now magazine: “I told her ‘Look, you don’t need to be that skinny - you’ve got to start eating now.’”

“She’s definitely getting better now and eating more. She did her fitness video and that’s why she lost a load of weight.

“She was rushing around everywhere as well. She just needed to eat more junk food!”

30th May 2006, 02:27
<br>Fluff that it may be, an article like that is interesting inasmuch as it offers a glimpse of the near future--a time when plus-size beauty will once again be acknowledged as the feminine ideal.

The piece is actually a welcome inversion of modern androgynous myths. It reveals that diet-starvation and exercise-torture are actually <i>detrimental</i> to womanly beauty, not beneficial to it. And how refreshing to note that when this singer says of his wife, <i>"She's getting better,"</i> he equates "better" with "eating more," and with "putting on weight." In fact, as a follow-up to our recent discussion of size-positive vocabulary, the Polish phrase <i>"On sie poprawila"</i>--which is favourably used to refer to a woman who has acquired more generous curves--literally means: "She has gotten better."

The weight-control industry depends on tricking women into believing that <i>diminishing</i> their beauty (by spending money on methods of self-inflicted suffering) will make them "better," but the truth, as Ms. Lopez points out, is precisely the opposite.

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