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M. Lopez
15th June 2006, 09:52
This article is significant not only because the writer expresses a preference for curves over the emaciated look, but because of who the writer is. Hilary Alexander is the fashion editor of the Daily Telegraph newspaper, and a well-known figure in mainstream fashion. Her soundbites appear constantly on fashion TV programs like Fashion File and Fashion Television. She's about as close to the core of the straight-size fashion industry as anyone. So for HER to be putting down the androgynous look (she even uses that word!) and saying that "curves are much sexier" - well, it's a little revolution all on its own, and a real sign of progress.

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Float back to the Fifties
(Filed: 12/06/2006)

You might not have the curves of Marilyn Monroe, but donning the new retro swimwear could definitely help, says Hilary Alexander.

Paparazzi photographs of Sienna Miller taking a dip in the South of France last week showed her in a retro-style swimming costume designed by Stella McCartney. The one-piece was in step with this summer's Fifties swimwear revival. But where were her curves? Sienna looked more pin-thin than pin-up.

Compare Ms Miller with Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate pin-up girl, who would have been 80 last week. Pictures of her in swimwear are timely reminders of just how curvaceous MM was - and how far we have gone in demonising the gorgeous hourglass in favour of the lollipop on legs.

Who really wants to flaunt an androgynous, Jemima Khan-style washboard stomach, or a rack-of-ribs torso like Paris Hilton's? They may be the perfect size eight or 10 on the red carpet, but on the beach they look more like skinny teenage boys (with great hair and make-up).

In a recent interview, Keira Knightley confessed to hiring a "bottom double" for her role as a stripper in the film Domino, because she is insecure about her own and feels it's not good enough to be seen on screen, while a recent survey showed the most sought-after derrière is the A-shape, as possessed by Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Brook, both of whom are much closer to the original pin-up ideal.

Curves are much sexier, especially in swimwear.

15th June 2006, 19:31
<br>Ms. Alexander's choice of curvaceous icons is still rather on the thin side, but it is truly encouraging (astonishing so) to find a consummate fashion insider admitting what is obvious to the rest of the world: that runway models look "androgynous," have "rack-of-ribs torso[s]" and "look more like skinny teenage boys" than alluring goddesses, and that "curves are much sexier, especially in swimwear."

(Did she say "especially"? She most certainly did!)

And she is absolutely right: full-figured women look more attractive than their underweight rivals in <i>any</i> form of genuinely feminine attire, but in swimwear, their aesthetic supremacy is most pronounced.

Regrettably, the original article was illustrated with precisely the kind of androgynous models whom Ms. Alexander acknowledges to be inadequate for displaying swimwear. But at least this editor's aesthetic sense has realigned itself with timeless beauty. Let's just hope that her remarks persuade other fashionistas to devise swim campaigns featuring the plus-size models whose voluptuous figures show off beach attire to best advantage.

Venus Anadyomene herself, Barbara Brickner, conclusively proving that "curves are <i>much</i> sexier, <i>especially</i> in swimwear" (Happy-Size.de, Summer 2005):<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/bb108.jpg"></center><p>

27th June 2006, 11:08
It's wonderful to hear the voice of the mainstream (or rather, out-of-the-mainstream) fashion world finally discovering the superior beauty of the plus-size female figure.

I found a similar sentiment in another recent swimwear article, this one about the history of the bikini. I think this is especially important, because the bikini is still a "taboo" for many full-figured women. And it shouldn't be!

Here's what the article quoted one magazine editor as saying:

" Bensimon, who also is editor of Elle Accessories magazine, agrees that the bikini celebrates different cultures, even different body types.

“The first models who wore the bikini were extremely voluptuous,” she says. “And I’ve always thought the suit was more sexy on a real body rather than on bones.” "

That's music to my ears. I only hope the fashion industry will finally start showing off this style on plus-size models in the future. That would help a lot of women realize just how good they would look in it- FAR better than androgynous models, with "rack-of-ribs torsos."

The original aticle appeared here, but the above quote was its only reference to body shape:


10th July 2006, 18:40
I just have another little item to add to this encouraging thread. The Belfast Telegraph, which recently ran the story about Charlotte Coyles TV series, also reported on a survey of attitudes towards the bikini,


and this is what the survey revealed (no pun intended):

"The survey also turned up good news for curvy girls - both men and women nationwide voted Ursula Andress' emergence from the sea in Dr No the most iconic bikini moment of all time, while Kelly Brook was voted this year's most iconic bikini babe, closely followed by Charlotte Church.

Skinny babes such as Nicole Richie and Kate Moss scored low, meaning that, despite what fashion magazines may say, bikinis always look best with curves."

Its something that I hope most of us have realized already, but still, its great to have it confirmed yet again!

Now, we just need to hae some plussize models and fashion retailers prove the point, in their campaigns.