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28th June 2006, 12:47
Torrid gains such an advantage over other plus-size retailers by showcasing all of their apparel on full-figured models, that I'm amazed that every other company doesn't follow their lead. It's much easier to appreciate an outfit when you see it photographed on a human figure- and preferably, a curvaceous one- than if it's just lying flat, or hanging on a plastic mannequin.

And if the model is pretty and vivacious, her outfit always gets a second look. For example, anything I ever see on Christina Schmidt, or on Kelsey Olson, immediately grabs my attention.

Case in point: here are two new tops on Kelsey that jumped out at me. The first one is a really pretty example of the "vintage look" trend. It's called a "Cream Rose Print Lace Ruffle Top":


And just listen to the wonderful description that Torrid gives it:

"This cream colored top has a delicate rose print, lace accents along the front and neckline, a double layer of lace for flutter sleeves and a ruffle hem"

It sounds so feminine and pretty- and on Kelsey, with her romantic hairstyle, the image more than matches the description. It's like Torrid took a gorgeous top out of a fashion museum, and updated it for today.

I also adore a new "Cherry Tube Top" on Kelsey, which is a bit more modern, but still very feminine. Torrid gave her the perfect candy lipgloss to match the outfit, and I especially like the fact that it fits close to her figure. Kelsey proves that it's okay to have a curvy waist and wear a body-conscious style like this.

And that's something else that plus-size models can give that clothing-only photos cannot: a nice little boost of body-confidence, which is an essential accessory for any outfit.

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11th July 2006, 16:58
<br>Speaking of Kelsey Olson (as we recently have been), here are two closer looks at the items that Kaitlynn singled out for praise.

The Lace Ruffle Top really does have an convincing vintage look about it, and Kelsey's romantic hairstyle plays off well against it, being equal parts traditional and contemporary. (Those stray tresses nearly covering one eye are always a particularly alluring touch.) Kelsey's ebullient expression also livens up the item, showing how it can achieve a girlish, demure effect, or something a little more alluring, depending on the mien of the wearer.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid23.jpg"></center><p>And the cherry-decorated top image is especially fresh and vivacious. (Kelsey <i>never</i> takes a dull picture.) The softness in Kelsey's face and figure makes the overall effect irresistible, and the top couldn't be more figure-flattering, framing her soft shoulders as well as it does, and embracing the model's curves in such a becoming way. Again, the hairstyle is the crowning touch, with the wavy tresses cascading freely, drawing attention to the model's neck and shoulders--which are the most attractive fashion accessories of all. The big hoop earrings are an especially nice detail.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid22.jpg"></center><p>Incidentally, any readers who wish to know a little more about the man who is responsible for creating the images of Christina Schmidt and Kelsey that have been delighting the plus-size world for months can read a new interview with Torrid's in-house photographer, Michael Anthony Hermogeno, at the link provided below. Mr. Hermogeno recounts some rather hair-raising experiences that he had, prior to taking up photography as a profession. He comes off as a dedicated professional, modest and unassuming, but wholly committed to his craft. The vignette concerning his daughter is absolutely charming.<p>- <a href="http://www.torrid.com/community/interviews/interview_michael.asp" target="_blank">Click here to read Torrid's interview with Michael Anthony</a>

20th July 2006, 21:21
Hey, this is nice. They have a new short profile of Kelsey on Torrid.com:


In response to the question of what size she wears, she says, "14 or 16, depending on the day".

I like the "...or 16" part!


Pretty picture, too.