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6th July 2006, 21:21
The other Nordstrom thread was becoming rather full, so I thought I'd start a new one. This late summer campaign is producing one masterpiece after another, and here are two new images that particularly impressed me.

They also confirm a point that someone recently made here recently -- that a model's facial expressions and demeanour can capture a person's attention, and make them pay attention to an outfit that they might otherwise ignore.

In this image, the goddesslike confidence that Barbara exudes caught my attention right away. I always respond to images that convey this kind of self-assurance. Barbara's direct gaze, lovely features, and the romantic wave in her hair, compelled me to give the image a second look. And when I did, I realized that I rather like this top, with its open sleeves and draped neckline. The neckline could even be cut a little lower, to be just a tad more daring, but all in all, the image has a powerful effect.


And here's an item that I would never have considered, if it hadn't been for the majestic way in which Barbara presents it. Here, her expression is outright vain, even haughty, and very chic. I love it. I almost feel like I can absorb some of her self-assurance for myself. It's the kind of exciting pose and expression that Christina Schmidt gives for the Torrid crowd, and I admire it just as much coming from Barbara. The voluptuous, cascading hairstyle is essential, and looks even more alluring here than in the other image.


Any plus-size retailer that doesn't take advantage of the amazing beauty of full-figured models is definitely selling itself short. They should produce as many images of plus-size beauty as possible, both to showcase their fashions, and to help give curvy women everywhere a badly-needed transfusion of "model confidence."

Here are the pages showing these two items:



8th July 2006, 10:32
There's another terrific new image of Barbara in a dress. I like the cut and the lenth, not entirely sure about the ornament though:


Great expression and pose on Barbara's part, as always. Here, she has a mischievous, youthful, almost girlish quality. Here's the page with the item:


I also love her glowing, radiant expression in this image:


M. Lopez
14th July 2006, 06:14
Nordstrom has just released the first wave of its fall campaign, and it's headlined by dozens of gorgeous new images of Barbara Brickner.

Here are two variations on a ruched-bust top. This is an item "for curvy figures only", as Barbara so clearly shows! It's worth seeing the full-size images too to view her expressions, esp. in the pic on the left, which is very romantic, and full of longing:

http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/MediumLarge/1/_5210561.jpg http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/MediumLarge/5/_5235825.jpg

I don't care for the print colors in these wrap tops, but Barbara definitely shows how flattering a wrap style is on a plus-size figure. I love the poses, and the hairstyle is so luxuriant, with thick and heavy curls:

http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/MediumLarge/8/_5235828.jpg http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/MediumLarge/12/_5210512.jpg

Thanks to the fact that she is not starving, Barbara's facial features continue to become more beautiful with every shoot:

http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/MediumLarge/19/_5199719.jpg http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/MediumLarge/3/_5238283.jpg

But there are dozens more images, all worth viewing enlarged, and some attractive fashions too. I especially like this lace top, in ivory white:



17th July 2006, 01:05
Whats remarkable about that animal-print wrap-top image is that I dont like animal prints at all - and yet for some reason, on Barbara, animal prints always look good. I dont think Ive ever seen them look good on anyone else.

I guess you could say, "Well, everything looks good on Barbara", and thats obviously true. But still, I think it has something to do with her specific look. Maybe its those feline eyes - along of course with her sinuous curves - but somehow, she makes these styles really work.

Anyway, I have to add at least one image to this thread. The print is a little busy for my taste, but the earrings are amazing, and again, what a gorgeous expression, hairstyle, everything relating to the model. Barbara appears so vital and healthy and radiant here, and her face looks so soft and pretty:


And heres a nice, casual scoop tee, with another stunning image:


19th July 2006, 04:03
I had to alter the title of this thread ever-so-slightly for this post. Do you remember how Mode used to have a feature that showed two subtly-different versions of its covers, allowing readers to vote for the one that they preferred? Nordstrom has done something similar for its animal-print wrap top.

So which is better? The original (gasp):


or the second version (sigh):


Well, they both look breathtaking. And I think they show why, as Melanie said, on anyone else, animal prints don't look like much, but on Barbara, they look so good. It's because she mixes her feline sexiness with such grace. The result is very chic. Many models are one-dimensional in their posing, but Barbara evokes two (or more) sensations in the same image. It's a real bit of artistry on her part.

Plus, there's her miraculous power of becoming more gorgeous with every campaign...


22nd July 2006, 02:02
I really want to post the larger-size version of this image. The expression is just so dramatic and full of longing. I can almost perceive the wind in Barbara's hair. This deserved a more romantic outfit, and a breathtaking setting, like the Southern plantation editorial in Figure, but Barbara still manages to create an epic feeling, just by her look.


I also like this delectable colour on Barbara. I remember seeing her in a dress this shade, and it really suits her:


But I think the very best outfits from Nordstrom this season were posted in the last Nordstrom thread- especially the white lace dress, which is a thing of pure beauty.