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22nd July 2006, 15:49
<br>It gives us great pleasure to be able to share a <strong>video</strong> of Crystal Renn's runway appearance at last year's Gaultier <i>prêt-à-porter</i> show (an event that prompted more <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=162" target="_blank">discussion</a> on this forum than any other fashion happening, before or since).

Not only was this event notable because of Miss Renn's involvement in it--constituting the first appearance of a plus-size model on the catwalk for a major designer--but it was also the most beautiful runway show that the upscale fashion industry has ever produced.

For all of us who appreciate timeless beauty, it was incredibly fortunate that Crystal appeared in <i>this</i> particular show, and not in any other. As per the designer's own comments (transcribed below) which accompany the video, the intention of the show was to depart from the urban minimalism that usually dominates the Parisian catwalk, and instead to celebrate the organic aesthetic of the European folk tradition.

As Gaultier explains,<p><blockquote><i>There was a lot of straw in the collection, namely straw embroideries, clothes with straw. Indeed the wedding dress that opens the show includes a kind of bustier in straw.

So the whole work is done in accordance with that. Namely because <strong>it is about the countryside, the provinces, the farm, and the clothes from popular traditions</strong>, which are a bit like the clothes that people in the country put on on Sundays. They are "Sunday best." That's it--they've been "Sundayed." It's a Sunday thing. But very sophisticated all the same.

So it's a kind of wedding that you're going to attend at the show. People have come to follow the bride and cortège.

There are lots of hats, because it's part of the traditional headgear. All the traditional headpieces, which are hats from [indistinguishable], but redone in straw. They're Alsatians, and headwear from all over the different provinces. From the East, too.

You've also got <strong>blouses inspired greatly by the Polish and Ukrainian bouses</strong>, so it's all a bit of a mixture. There are even <strong>embroideries</strong> which take inspiration from Greece.

So there you have it--a mixture of different places, countries. But <strong>it's all European, and it's all from popular culture</strong>.

Fitted jackets, draped jackets, jackets that are sometimes quite soft. All with a tilted effect, with collars that fall to one side.

There are lots of things that I have used in my collections for years, but <strong>that I have reworked in the style of popular tradition--and, in a way, folklore. A kind of folklore</strong>.</i></blockquote></p>The clip lasts just over three minutes, and Crystal appears at 2'08, and again at the very end. But the entire video is well worth watching, because many of Gaultier's pieces are genuinely attractive, and so well suited to plus-size beauty that our only regret is that <i>all</i> of the models weren't full-figured.

Be sure to watch the video with your speakers <i>on,</i> to listen to the designer's commentary, and to hear the highly-appropriate original balalaika music, which provided the soundtrack to the show.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cr/gaulthier22.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="mms://vod.fr.nexint.net/parismodes/wms/en/high/2001273/jeanpaulgaultier273_395_e.asf">Click here to view the Gaultier video</a><p>(NOTE: although this video will play in an ordinary Windows Media Player, you need to have the DivX codec installed on your computer to see it. DivX is a free download, which can be obtained <a href="http://www.divx.com/divx/windows/" target="_blank">here</a>.)

24th July 2006, 15:17
it's a kind of wedding that you're going to attend at the show. People have come to follow the bride and cortège.
I noticed that the first model in the show threw her bouquet of roses at the end of her walk -- in the manner of a bride.

What I find remarkable about this show (besides how much better that enchanting dress looks on Crystal than it would on any straight-size model) is how full of life it was. It breathed a spirit of joy, whereas most top-level fashion shows seem so dour. They usually take place in cold rooms, with bare catwalks, and the models looking utterly miserable. Here, everyone who participated was beaming with delight. The pleasure in their faces and movements was genuine (not the least bit ironic). And the children were so adorable! Why not represent a families on stage?

But best of all, did you notice that at the end of the video, the audience actually ended up clapping in time with the folk song? For one brief moment, they stopped being cynical, upper-crust fashion connoisseurs, and recovered a sense of innocent joyfulness.

There are lots of things that I have used in my collections for years, but <strong>that I have reworked in the style of popular tradition--and, in a way, folklore. A kind of folklore</strong>.
This is a fascinating idea. Instead of taking designs and making them "edgier" (i.e. uglier), the way marquee fashion usually does, Gaultier did the opposite, and make it more folkloric. In other words, he romanticized it, just as he romanticized the very concept of a runway show.

I think this would be a marvellous direction for fashion to take, if it would only have the courage to do so. It would bring fashion closer to the natural principles that it abandoned long ago, and at the same time, it would provide designers with a world of new creative opportunities.

29th July 2006, 17:37
The video is wonderful. It was a gorgeous show in every way, and I only wish the fashion industry produced more events like this- especially featuring plus-size models. This organic, timeless aesthetic suits full-figure beauty best, much better than the way in which plus-size models are usually portrayed on television (on the rare opportunities that they do get seen).

Interestingly, Crystal Renn is now apparently going to be doing speaking engagements, just as Emme, Kate Dillon, Natalie Laughlin, and other colleagues did in the past. This is the booking agency that is representing her for these purposes,


and it even has a nice, short write-up about her:

"Crystal is going on the road and discussing her career and life story at colleges and universities across the country. As a young woman who has experienced and survived an eating disorder, Crystal wants to share her story with other young people around the country. Crystal's inspirational story and desire to reach out to young people are sure to garner her success around the country as a remarkable speaker and as a survivor."

I hope she persuades many young girls that they do not need to starve themselves, and that they can be even more beautiful at a plus size.

1st August 2006, 22:31
WOW...what a contrast...to see it in motion is just astounding...to see the parade of skeletal models and then Crystal...even though they were separated it still made the minus-size models look even more gaunt and lifeless than usual.

Thanks for posting this!