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5th August 2006, 19:16
This will be the ultimate, "love the model, ignore the clothing" post.

Kristina.be is a European plussize vendor, and it makes clothing that is basically...muumuus, lets face it.

But I HAVE to give them a post here, because their new model is amazingly gorgeous.


She has those lovely, soft facial features, melting eyes, and great hair. Its very, very rare to find truly plus models who are this beautiful.


Even the photography is good. Either this model has amazing talent for a newcomer, or the photographer knew just how to pose her perfectly, or both.


Its such a shame that the clothing is - inexcusable. Its almost like a "before" picture in an article like: "See how good this model will look when she stops wearing tents, and dresses in something figure-flattering and curve-embracing". Its a testament to her beauty that she still manages to look stunning, despite the apparel.


But then again, kristina.be did hire the model and the photographer, so they made this shoot happen, and deserve credit for that. If somebody likes this kind of clothing, more power to them.

But I just really hope the model gets to be seen in another campaign soon - one that shows her in a feminine, flattering way. Or maybe in that Dutch plussize magazine Big is Beautiful? I bet she would be a goddess in attire that would show off her curves instead of hiding them.


7th August 2006, 15:04
Its almost like a "before" picture in an article like: "See how good this model will look when she stops wearing tents, and dresses in something figure-flattering and curve-embracing".Nice idea.

Even at a forum where we celebrate timeless beauty, this www.Kristina.be model stands out as being truly gorgeous. Those soft facial features are simply heavenly, and she clearly has the ability to generate the kind of pouty, alluring expressions that minus-size supermodels deliver--the kind that say, <i>"I'm irresistible; I'm breathtaking; just <strong>look</strong> at me."</i>

It's worth considering Melanie's point about the clothing as well. These are the kinds of designs that led to the myth that full-figured women were "shapeless." They precipitated decades of backhanded compliments like, <i>"She has such a pretty face."</i> Looking at these images, most viewers would say, <i>"Wow, she's beautiful,"</i> but they would also be deceived--by the clothing--into thinking, <i>"She has no figure."</i>

But the truth is the exact opposite. She undoubtedly has a shapely, voluptuous figure that is just as attractive as her visage--maybe moreso.

Consider the following images of the definitive plus-size model, Barbara Brickner. Both are from the same company, but the first is from several years ago, while the second is current. They vividly demonstrate just how much progress the industry has made (at least, on this side of the Atlantic).

In the first image, one admires Barbara's lovely face, of course. But any viewers who are unfamiliar with this model would never know that under those loose clothes, she possesses the most perfectly, Classically-proportioned figure of modern times. Paradoxically, they would think that Barbara, the <i>shapeliest</i> of plus-size models, looks almost . . . shapeless.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br26.jpg"></center><p>But now, look at an image of Mrs. Brickner in an exciting ensemble from Reitmans' current, summer campaign:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br27.jpg"></center><p>The transformation is almost miraculous. She is revealed as a shapely, curvaceous goddess. The clothing fits her perfectly, holding the figure in a loving embrace (one might call this the "body love" principle of styling). The fabric is thinner, lighter, and follows her movements.

The figure has not changed between the two images. These same, womanly curves were present in the first image, except they were hidden, disguised, by figure-obscuring attire. By dressing in attire that doesn't merely skim the body, but <i>embraces</i> it as closely as possible, her feminine beauty is revealed.

The same would undoubtedly be true of the stunning kristina.be model. Kudos to Kristina.be for discovering her, but let's hope to see her showcasing more body-conscious styles, in the near future.

<i>[NOTE: Although no one realized it at the time, the model in the Kristina.be campaign turned out to be the gorgeous <strong>Karen Vermeiren</strong>]</i>

8th August 2006, 03:45
I agree that the Kristina.be model is remarkably attractive. She has the healthy, well-fed glow of a lady in an Asti painting. I hope we see more of her.

As for the Reitmans images, the second image of Barbara is a complete aesthetic transformation over the first -- in every way. And point for point, every single alteration from the first image to the second is to the benefit of timeless beauty.

The second outfit is figure-embracing, as has been said. But there's more. The skirt is shorter, so it reveals the model's legs. Even better, the camisole shows off her lovely arms, shoulders, and decolletage (the body-as-fashion-accessory idea, yes?). She wears thick, decorative accessories that are perfectly matched to the outfit, and give the ensemble a lot of pizzazz. Her hair flows freely, instead of being tied back ("constrained," one might say).

And the setting is infinitely preferable -- an idyllic classical landscape, reminiscent of a formal garden, instead of a bare, spartan room, with that painful-looking metal chair. (Could any setting possibly be more unappealing than the one in the first image?) There's lush vegetation in the background, merging harmoniously with the elegant stone architecture. There's even a sparkling fountain -- you can almost hear it burbling.

And best of all, in the second image, Barbara poses in such a way as to really celebrate her curves. You can't help but imbibe some of her confidence, while looking at the image.

It's a total transformation from modernity to timelessness, from androgyny to femininity, from minimalism to opulence -- all to achieve extraordinary beauty.