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11th July 2005, 01:04
I found another very positive article about plus-size fashion. Is this a trend? I hope so. It doesn't start off all that well, with the old "real woman" assertion. And if there's anything worse, it's being referred to as "average". BUT it gets better, and there isn't a mixed message in sight. Both the designer and the writer seem to have a pro-plus attitude.

Here are some of the highlights.

-"Clothes should complement and accentuate the softness and femininity of the curvier figure," she [the designer] says.

-"Styles ran the gamut from halter tops to hip-hugging bottoms. Pants flowed and draped elegantly, while some tops played peek-a-boo at the right places. Of course, cleavages could be seen and splits on some designs drew welcome glances while adding subtle mobility."

See what I mean about positive? I don't know if the designs live up to the billing, but at least the intentions are good. And what I would like to see are descriptions as positive as this about full-figure fashion whenever ANYone writes about it.

''Clothing the cury woman'' (http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/AllWoman/html/20050710T190000-0500_83936_OBS_CLOTHING_THE_CURVY_WOMAN.asp)

11th July 2005, 18:20
One other note about the designer that stood out for me in this article was -

"Her designs are not labelled the conventional way of Small, Medium and Large but you can ask for Scrumptious, Marvelush, Luscious and Extra Luscious"

This system may sound a little too cutesy for some people, but I like it. I think its a major step forward from merely accepting yourself to loving yourself when you stop thinking of your figure as "large", but "luscious" - and if you go up a size, even more luscious.