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11th July 2005, 15:01
<br>Kohl's has exhibited a consistently high quality in their print promotions of late, and this week's ad is no exception. It shows Nadia accompanied by Ashley Graham (size 14, Ford/PB), the latter looking especially attractive here. In fact, this is probably Ashley's most striking image since her acclaimed "What's Hot Now" ad for Fashion Bug, from earlier this season. The hairstyle does wonders for her, and of course, nothing could be more becoming than a sleeveless top.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/nadia/kohls03.jpg"></center><p>The image also benefits from a gorgeous setting. The woodgrains, carpet, and greenery in the background help provide a warm, lush atmosphere, and the richly-saturated colours are pleasing to the eye. Not bad, for a commercial image.

And since the topic of skirts recently came up here (or rather, at the previous board), we would be remiss not to applaud Kohl's appealing new skirt offerings, which are in the pure, "New Femininity" style that one usually only associates with Torrid. These are listed in the straight-size section of the flyer, but they are tailor-made for plus. With their folkloric qualities, such as the embroidered patterns, natural colours, and the "floaty" frilled construction that enables the skirt to spread when it twirls (what is the term for this timeless design?), these skirts are simply lovely:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/nadia/kohls03a.jpg"></center><p>It's enchanting to see such a successful blend of "tradition + sexiness." The skirts are not dissimilar from those that girls would have worn in the days before fashion became uniformly modernistic, while the tops add contemporary allure (or at least they would, if the models possessed curves such as Nadia's or Ashley's).

11th July 2005, 18:23
Prettiest Ashley Graham image ever - or at least, so far.

I LOVE this style of skirt, and what I like about those in particular is that they are a little shorter than Old Navys "super skirts", which can feel a little long. Too bad theres no Kohls anywhere near here.

12th July 2005, 03:58
Nadia has really started to start getting some good jobs behind her after being with Plus Beauty for quite some time. I guess a little Torrid will do that for you!