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13th August 2006, 00:11
I think for most of us, there are no seasonal campaigns that we look forward to as much as those of Reitmans. I really believe these promotions come closer to the Mode spirit than any other campaigns in the industry - closer even than any magazines. And every time, Encore finds a way of presenting Barbara more beautifully than she is seen anywhere else (although I have to give credit to Nordstrom for the amazing variety of romantic hairstyles they gave Barbara in their fall images).

This new campaign is again, breathtaking. The most beautiful of all of the images is on the cover (yes, they put Barbara in rotation on the cover again!), so beautiful and feminine -- and size-positive as well, in the way that only Barbara can manage. I also adore this picture, which exudes grace and serenity.



13th August 2006, 02:03
<br>Reitmans seems to understand plus-size beauty better than any other retailer today. From their selection of Barbara to be their company's "face" (and figure), to the way in which they photograph the model, to the images that they select, Reitmans consistently presents timeless femininity in a singularly attractive manner.

The cover could not have been better chosen. It is one of Mrs. Brickner's all-time masterpieces, an image that celebrates every curve of her Classical figure in a way that no image has before. It stylishly showcases, in a present-day context, the soft fullness that epitomized womanly beauty throughout Western history.

Furthermore, the model's expression and pose are a delight to behold. The joy utterly pours forth from within her, gladdening the viewer's heart. The longer hair that Barbara is wearing in her current campaigns has doubled her allure. Unlike the romantic arrangements of her Nordstrom campaign, here we see her tresses flowing freely--just as gorgeous, just as voluminous.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br28.jpg"></center><p>Below is another new image, clipped from the current Reitmans flyer (linked below). What Reitmans understands especially well is <i>fit</i>--i.e., that plus-size fashions are most flattering when they embrace a full figure as closely as possible, lingering over every contour, rather than robbing the wearer of her shape by "skimming" the body, and rendering her shapeless.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br29.jpg"></center><p>The current promotion is another Encore tour de force. Barbara's new campaign realizes every goal of plus-size advertising: it celebrates plus-size beauty, showing full-figured women that <i>all</i> curves are gorgeous; it presents the company's apparel in the most appealing manner possible; and it creates an enticing world of idyllic harmony.

Here is a (slightly reduced) screen capture of the current Reitmans cover. It presents the kinds of images that <i>all</i> fashion Web sites (and magazines) should be displaying, to bring healthy and natural ideals back to a culture that has been deprived of them for far too long:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br30.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.reitmans.com/pdf/Flyer23_E.pdf" target="_blank">Click here to view the current Reitmans flyer</a> (in our preferred .pdf format)

15th August 2006, 23:30
I agree about the importance of the perfect fit in Reitmans' images of Barbara. That's what gives even the casual outfits a degree of feminine allure that they wouldn't otherwise have. I love the detail in the second image, with that pretty white blouse, of having the bottom buttons undone. It's a trait that I've noticed in previous Reitmans images. It allows for a really close fit at the waist, and an hourglass look below. Of course, it helps that Barbara has such a perfect, womanly figure.

Even from her earliest Mode images, Barbara has always looked stunning in knits (knits are great because they're warm in the fall weather, but are still body-conscious). You see how attractive knits can be in that amazing top photo, and in this image of a shrug-like sweater:


Barbara's long, flowing hair looks so beautiful in all of these shots.

And for something completely different, here's a rare, sporty look on Barbara. I swear, she's so lovely that she will look 21 forever:


M. Lopez
10th September 2006, 00:26
Reitmans just updated its site with more fall images today. They're all stunning, but the one that really caught my eye was this one:


That's brilliant - Barbara being followed by a throng of panting, infatuated football players! I bet they took one look at her luscious curves and forgot all about their team's skinny cheerleaders! They look like they've just discovered what a sexy woman actually looks like. No Dallas Cowboy Cheerwaifs would ever be able to inspire a team to victory as surely as a plus-size goddess can!

Really pretty top, too. I also adore the curve-positive image on the Encore home page:


10th September 2006, 06:34
I think the football-team photo is genius. That should be a cover of a plussize fashion magazine. And I love how its the whole team thats after her. It reminds me of the idea of "proportionate equality" - goddesses have greater beauty, and therefore deserve richer dining, finer fashions, and more male admirers. I like the masculine/feminine contrast, where Barbara is in a feminine top, and they are in their game "armour" (like a modern equivalent of a princess being courted by all the knights in the realm). And the way she is being playful with the football implies how they are her playthings, too.

The sweater/skirt photo of Barbara shows how Reitmans truly celebrates her womanly curves. This close fit is what makes the outfit look shapely instead of shapeless - proving again that fashions look better on curvy figures than on pencil frames:


Here is another size-positive new image:


10th September 2006, 23:52
<br>That close, body-adoring fit is what makes even casual Reitmans attire look so appealing. The above skirt combo, or the sweater outfit, below, would look dull if the clothing hung loosely, formlessly. But Barbara's images--which always provide excellent styling tips--show that by selecting items that lovingly embrace the figure, a goddess can look alluring even in everyday apparel.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br31.jpg"></center><p>
I like the masculine/feminine contrast, where Barbara is in a feminine top, and they are in their game "armour" (like a modern equivalent of a princess being courted by all the knights in the realm).
The image is also effective because it presents, in a modern context, the masculine/feminine aesthetic ideals that have dominated Western art throughout history. Classical artists idealized the soft, well-fed female figure, and the warrior male physique, knowing that these ideals reflect the essences of both genders, and their complimentary natures.

It is bizarre and tragic that while the male half of this aesthetic pairing remains culturally dominant to this day, the feminine ideal has been zealously suppressed over the past century. Images such as this help society rediscover this complimentary relationship. They allow women to embrace a timeless ideal of appearance that is in tune with their natural inclinations, and therefore infinitely healthier for them than modern standards of emaciation or androgyny, which compel women to torture their bodies into unnatural forms.

Larger version of the curvy-cheerleader image, from the new Reitmans flyer (linked below):<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br32.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.reitmans.com/pdf/Flyer24_E.pdf" target="_blank">New Reitmans flyer (in the superior .pdf format)</a>

17th September 2006, 00:48
If one were to put Barbara next to the waifs that so many people rave about, there simply woudn't be a comparison. Barbara would outshine them completely.

What strikes me as sad is that until a few years ago, full-figured models were purposefully dressed in drab, formless garb in order to create a lie to sell to the public - that natural feminine beauty wasn't shapely. The fashion industry reinforced this by refusing to dress plus-size celebrities, and by refusing to make clothes for (or even acknowledge the existence of) plus-size beauty within the masses.

Why the ideal male image has remained, and why feminine beauty has been under vicious attack, truly is bizarre. But more and more gorgeous images of beautiful women - like Barbara here - in well fitted, attractive, fashionable clothing certainly dispel the lies that the thin-supremacists have been selling.

8th October 2006, 00:21
Just a tip for Barbara Brickner fans (i.e. everyone who reads this forum, or who has ever seen a picture of the model in their lives) - Barbara is back in rotation on the Reitmans cover page, in a larger version of the walking shot showing her in that curve-embracing sweater.

Just imagine that image with a masthead, and think of how exciting it would be to see all fashion magazines sporting covers like this...