View Full Version : Barbara as a Bacchante (CJ Banks)

M. Lopez
13th August 2006, 19:35
Three gorgeous new campaigns in three days - and only Barbara could make all three so completely unique!

She looks breathtaking in deep purple here, and if the Happy-Size campaign made me think of lush foliage, this one immediately made me think of another autumn environment - wine-growing country, with the ripe, full grapes being pressed into a heady vintage (but none as intoxicating as Barbara's luscious beauty).

I love all three wardrobe "concepts":
-Romantic Prints
-Pastoral Influences
-Purple Reign (regal beauty, to be sure), and
-Napa Valley Florals

In fact, a quick Web search informed me that Napa Valley (California) is, in fact, principally known as a wine-producing region, abounding in vineyards. Surely that is exactly where CJ Banks shot this campaign. How clever, to present Barbara as a modern-day Bacchante this way (just as Emma, Lady Hamilton was often depicted as a Bacchante in her day).


I hope that when the CJ Banks site is updated, they show more images of this gorgeous promotion.


14th August 2006, 23:48
CJ Banks updated their site today. I like the graphic in that ad better than the sites new cover page, but still, its a gorgeous promotion - their finest since last Christmas. Barbara is at her ever-stunning best. Here is a grid of some images from the shoot:


With a campaign this lovely, its a shame that CJ Banks didnt put bigger versions of the photos online. But Im betting that the stores have big posters featuring these images, which would make them a really nice environment to shop in.