View Full Version : Melissa King at Lord & Taylor

M. Lopez
29th August 2006, 20:36
Lord & Taylor has revised its Web site, and now presents a selection of plus-size apparel online, featuring a number of images of Melissa King.


It's always gratifying to see retailers using true plus-size models (size 14 and up), and I really have to applaud the following image, which is authentically size-positive:


It's part of the great trends that we've all been noticing recently, of plus-size photography which remembers that all curves are beautiful. Lord&Taylor shows that Melissa has a curvy waist, without apology, and for that, they deserve praise. It's a philosophy that is sure to help women become more comfortable with their natural figures, and love themselves as they are.


7th September 2006, 04:44
I definitely appreciate the fact that they used a true plus-size model. However, in many of the images, the fit is not as body-conscious as it should be, which defeats the purpose a little.

I like the fact that the photos show off Melissa's curvaceous silhouette, and the pants are nicely fitted,

http://content.shopmay.com/images/ltgifts/product/detail/439/22863070_D1.jpg http://content.shopmay.com/images/ltgifts/product/detail/439/22863096_D1.jpg

but the shirts are a little too formless. Compare them with the current Reitmans photos of Barbara in an embellished white shirt, in which the fit is perfectly close to the body, snug and figure-embracing, so that it really accentuates Barbara's curves. That's a much more feminine and attractive look. It makes the model look shapely rather than shapeless- and since Melissa is shapely, Lord & Taylor should take full advantage of her womanly curves.