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21st July 2005, 21:46
<br>From the moment that Barbara Brickner appeared on the cover of the year's first Happy-Size.de catalogue, and then made history by modelling swimwear both for that company, and for rival German retailer Bon Prix, we predicted that this would be <i>the year</i> when plus-size fashion in Germany finally made its mark.

We have just received some interesting news that would seem to indicate that this prediction was correct.

Even while we, in North America, have been experiencing an unreasonable amount of trouble producing a worthy successor to <i>Mode,</i> our German colleagues have taken it upon themselves to launch a plus-size publication of their own.

In keeping with publishing tradition, this new magazine has been given a French title: <i>Légère</i> ("Carefree"). Like Elena Miro's eponymous magazine, it is scheduled to be published twice yearly, and the print run of the inaugural issue is a respectable 40,000. The magazine's Web site proudly boasts that the first issue's entire print run has already been purchased by Germany's numerous plus-size retailers, for distribution throughout their various outlets.

The <i>Légère</i> site (<a href="http://www.legere-info.de" target="_blank">www.legere-info.de</a>), provides a great deal of information about the publication (all of it in German, of course). But the following paragraph, from the "Press" page, neatly sums up the philosophy of the magazine:

<blockquote><i>Das neue professionell aufgemachte Magazin bringt Mode, Lifestyle, Kultur, Wellness und einige Themen mehr - alles was moderne mollige Frauen interessieren dürfte, <strong>nur keine Diätvorschläge</strong>. Denn das Motto lautet "Ich mag mich so, wie ich bin" und dieses positive Lebensgefühl spiegelt sich auf allen 52 Seiten des Heftes.</i></blockquote>For those of you whose German is not yet up to the Goethe/Schiller level, the phrase in boldface means . . . (can you guess?) . . .

<strong><i>NO DIET ADS</i></strong>

More precisely, the paragraph translates as:

<blockquote><i>The new,professionally-run magazine covers fashion, lifestyle, culture, health, and many more topics--everything that could interest a contemporary full-figured woman, <strong>only no diet suggestions.</strong> Our motto is, </i>"I like myself just the way I am,"<i> and this positive attitude to life is reflected on all 52 pages of the magazine.</i></blockquote>Applause.

It's hard to determine what the actual visual quality of the magazine is. The cover seems presentable enough, but the pages that are reproduced on the <i>Légère</i> site are too small to appraise. We will know more if/when we are able to obtain a copy of the magazine.

Regardless, it's good to know that such a publication now exists on the European continent. Let's hope that it spawns more magazines which reflect its positive philosophy--on <i>both</i> sides of the Atlantic . . .<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/legere01.jpg"></center>