View Full Version : Charlotte Coyle at Close Models

25th September 2006, 17:39
I was thrilled to discover Charlotte Coyle's online comp card today at Close Models, her new London agency:


Note that Charlotte's measurements are a truly goddesslike 40d-39-51. As far as I know, that means that she has the most womanly, genuinely curvy proportions of any of the industry's most stunning beauties, besting even Megan Garcia (although Charlotte is taller than Megan, so she would look a bit slimmer in proportion).

I hope that this is the beginning of great things for Charlotte in the U.K., despite that country's addiction to the faux-plus look. In the recent article about her in the British newspaper The Sun, Charlotte stated:

"Eventually I told the agent I couldn't work with her anymore and signed up to a new one who shares my view on what a plus-size model should look like."

I hope this is true. (That scene between Charlotte and her former agent, in her TV program, was infuriating.) Close Models now has an amazing chance to make a major name for itself in the plus-size market, and to change the British full-figure fashion industry for the better.


If anyone can accomplish this, Charlotte can- especially considering how even the typically size-negative mainstream press raves about her beauty. And with very good reason!

26th September 2006, 02:40
Its curious that Close Models lists her hair colour as "dark blonde", whereas Charlotte actually has a beautifully natural shade of golden blonde, just like Shannon Marie and Kelsey Olson.

Charlotte is so inspiring for what she has accomplished, and for remaining true to herself. Like all models, she faced three major decisions, and in each case, she made the right choice - the choice that every model should make:

1. She became a plus-size model, instead of a minus-size skeleton.
2. She remained truly plus, rather than dwindling down to a "faux plus" size, and
3. She never gave up, despite the insane attitudes of the plussize fashion industry in England (compared to which the U.S. is only slightly better).

It took real character to make each of these decisions, and I am so grateful to her for this. Every full-figured women will benefit from her choices. I wish more models would follow her lead, especially whenever they are pressured to diminish themselves to an unnatural size (even as the public constantly asks for plussize models to be fuller figured).