View Full Version : Oprah: a rebuke to the industry

M. Lopez
7th November 2006, 17:38
Crystal Renn was on Oprah today, in a so-so piece that, like other media stories, spent too much time on how Crystal lost weight to become thin, and not enough time on her fuller-figured career.

But the most important thing in the show was Oprah's shocked reaction to hear Crystal being identified as a size 12. Oprah was aghast at this, literally stunned. The first thing Oprah said to Crystal, as Crystal sat down on the couch, was

"Since when did size 12 get to be a plus size? 12 is a plus size?"

And later, after a (short) discussion with Crystal, after the commercial break, she repeated again,

"I still can't get over the fact that 12 is a plus size."

This was a big deal to her - as it is to full-figured women everywhere. The plus-size fashion and modelling industries must take her reaction to heart. Here you have Oprah - the world's most famous representatives of full-figured women, and a role model to so many - and she (rightly) cannot accept the fact that a size 12 is considered plus size.

This should finally show the plus-size fashion and modelling industries that they MUST start using larger plus-size models, models who actually LOOK plus, models who are LARGER than a 12. If they keep ignoring us (the public) in our request that this happen, then maybe they will finally listen to someone like Oprah.

Otherwise, the plus-size fashion and modelling industries will be behaving just the same arrogant way that the straight-size fashion industry is: stubbornly refusing to use larger models, no matter how vocal the public is in its desire to see curvier representatives.