View Full Version : Barbara at Reitmans for fall

31st July 2005, 12:14
Even though there was a thread about Barbara recently, I think Reitmans always deserves a special thread. They book beautiful models so consistently, and Barbara always looks better here than anywhere else, except perhaps for Elena Miro -

Fall at Reitmans (http://www.reitmans.com/en/style/collection.cfm?modelShotID=234&brandID=2)

Just look at this absolutely gorgeous new image -


I always feel inspired when I see her work. I cant wait to see what other posters might be in the stores.

31st July 2005, 22:20
<br>What an utterly stunning photo--even for Barbara. One simply cannot take one's eyes away from the image. She glows with health and vitality, and the softness of the baby blue somehow makes the look both innocent and sensual.

You're right to point out that Reitmans consistently produces truly remarkable plus-size imagery, and these new offerings promise that the Fall 2005 season will be a winner. Note the richness of the colours, and the verdant and elegant background. The photography has the same "lush" qualities that we recently described in a Kohl's promotion. The effect is altogether warm and inviting.

How thrilling to see Barbara consistently finding new ways to fascinate the viewer. She continues to create the best images of her career with every new shoot.

And we are pleased to see that this season, for the first time, Reitmans has placed her lovely visage on their cover page as well. The effect of this is easy to predict: Reitmans's straight-size shoppers will now envy the Encore customers, and wish that they could shop in the plus-size section as well . . .<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br12.jpg"></center>

8th August 2005, 20:12
There is another new image of Barbara on the Reitmans site now. She's so pretty, it almost seems impossible anyone could be that beautiful. And she always looks so comfortable and relaxed. I like the touch of lace around the v-neck.