View Full Version : Kailee at Old Navy

12th November 2006, 21:27
There's not much to see on the site yet, unfortunately (unless I've missed it), but the current Old Navy landing page shows Kailee O'Sullivan:


Too bad they've buried her under a sweater that effaces all traces of shape! Still it's nice to see Kailee in another campaign. I hope Old Navy posts more images of the model in the future (and perhaps, in less bulky attire).

13th November 2006, 16:01
<br>How marvellous to be able to celebrate another triumph for this stunning young talent. Between Kailee and Christina Schmidt (both 5'7 models), the industry is finally enacting a welcome shift away from the use of 6'0 faux-plus models, and towards younger girls with naturally soft figures.

Once again, we see Kailee being very expressive in her posing (and looking lovely):<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/oldnavy01.jpg"></center><p>Old Navy consistently makes fine model choices for its campaigns. The shame is that the company uses its girls so sparingly (and seldom to showcase its most feminine, figure-embracing styles). If Old Navy were to feature, say, a generous selection of images of Kailee modelling the company's most vixenish fashions, it could be a worthy compliment to Torrid. As it is, however, Torrid--which uses plus-size models to display <i>all</i> of its apparel--remains infinitely more beneficial to the cause of size celebration.

Nevertheless, we will be watching to see if Old Navy capitalizes on the fact that it has now enlisted the services of one of the industry's most promising young talents.