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2nd August 2005, 14:16
<br>Not all of the <i>haute couture</i> runway shows of the past fifty years can equal the following announcement in terms of its significance to the French fashion industry.

Charlotte Coyle--by far the most exciting model in the world today--has just signed with the Paris plus-size model agency, <a href="http://www.agenceplus.fr/english.html" target="_blank">Agence Plus</a>.

Fashion in <i>la belle France</i> will never be the same.

In its entire history, the plus-size industry has never before seen at talent such as Charlotte. There is no other model who possesses a look that is anything like hers. She exhibits more wild allure than any Victoria's Secret girl, and her expressions are more fiery and passionate than those of any of her peers.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/agence02.jpg"></center><p>But what is just as remarkable about Charlotte--as we see on her Agence Plus comp card--is that, in a flash, she can alter her demeanour completely, and transform herself into a fair-haired princess out of a storybook--an angel descended to earth--or even the oh-so-cute girl next door on whom you have always nursed an abiding crush.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/agence01.jpg"></center><p>From tempting devil to enchanting angel, every single picture that Charlotte creates is an instant revolution. And her beauty is becoming even more intense, more captivating, with each new image. Throughout, she remains a true plus-size model--and the industry's very best hope of changing public perceptions of true feminine beauty.

We eagerly anticipate further subversive campaigns from this most dazzling of all stars.

2nd August 2005, 20:02
Oh my god, she really is like an even curvier, even sexier version of Anita Ekberg!

Can you imagine- can you just imagine- how different the world would be if everybody had an image of Charlotte Coyle in their minds whenever they heard the words "plus size" or "plus size model," instead of the negative images they're given today?

I just can't believe how gorgeous she is. I'm speechless. No wonder Nicole Kidman wishes she were curvier!

3rd August 2005, 14:29
I think what makes Charlotte so remarkable is that she is a kind of bridge between "timeless beauty" and contemporary allure. She has the fair features that would have been recognized as ideally beautiful in the past, but she also has a presence, a bearing, that is very much like a contemporary Vogue or Elle model.

I think if plus-size beauty had never been suppressed, but had remained the dominant aesthetic ideal, Charlotte would represent the look that we would be seeing in most magazines today. For everybody who has ever wondered what a Vogue Plus would look like, this is it.

Truly stunning.