View Full Version : Nicole Kidman: ''I'd much prefer to have curves''

2nd August 2005, 19:57
According to an amazing news item I discovered today. Nicole Kidman says that she envies her daughter's fuller figure, and wishes she wasn't as "lanky."

Here is the link:


But it's a short piece, so I'll quote it in full. And I think it's true. She's look so much more beautiful with curves, esp in the desginer gowns she wears, which always look better on voluptuous figures.


Kidman envies her daughter's curvaceous body!

Washington: Aussie actress Nicole Kidman has revealed that she hates her lanky figure and envies her adopted daughter Isabella's curvaceous body.

The OSCAR-winning actress hates her tall, slim body, and has always yearned for a shorter, more voluptuous physique like screen beauty MARILYN MONROE.

"Oh God. I'd much prefer to have curves. My daughter is 5 foot 2 and curvy - she's everything I wanted to be," Kidman was quoted by Contactmusic, as saying.

"I wish I wasn't 5 foot 11. I'd like to be 5 foot 2. I have always had trouble putting on weight. I'd like to be like Marilyn Monroe," she added.

3rd August 2005, 01:03
I think that the proverbial corner has been turned when Nicole Kidman can confidently proclaim something like that. She tops Hollywoods's oft-cited "A-list" and has a promotional deal with some major designer (Lagerfeld?). Hollywood, epicenter of curve-phobia, is changing from the inside out, and from the top down. Off-topic comment: In this, my first post, I want to express my gratitude for the mere existence of this wonderful site.