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1st January 2007, 00:57
<br>We would like to extend our best wishes for a Happy New Year to the readers of The Judgment of Paris, and to all aficionados of timeless beauty.

Regrettably, the year 2006 brought with it a sharp increase in weight hysteria propagated by the mass media (funded by the pernicious diet-starvation and gym-torture industries). However, the broadcast of Charlotte Coyle's Beauty Contest on Channel 4 in Britain constituted a rare and potentially revolutionary presentation of curvaceous womanhood (embodied by a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured plus-size model) on prime-time television. Furthermore, in a bold move worthy of Franco himself, Madrid extended a decision by South Africa's Fashion Week (to ban a single underweight model) into a general ban on all emaciated girls. These developments, coinciding with the anorexia-related <i>deaths</i> of two catwalk waifs, have prompted Milan--a hub of the industry--to impose a similar ban in its forthcoming fashion week, and reportedly even to introduce bona fide plus-size models into its shows.

2007 could therefore become a pivotal year in the ongoing efforts to displace the modern androgynous aesthetic, and to restore the timeless ideal of full-figured feminine beauty. Will fashion finally begin to redeem itself, after causing untold societal harm for decades? Or will the split between modern media culture and the silenced majority widen even further?

Either way, we will continue to regard the plus-size fashion industry as a vibrant "alternative media" creating images of timeless beauty that defy the "anti-life aesthetic" of the modern world, and that harken back to the healthy culture of the Classical past--a culture that can still be restored, if only the will exists to make this happen.

Christina Schmidt--a contemporary incarnation of Old World beauty; modelling for Torrid:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid42b.jpg"></center>