View Full Version : Coming Fall 2005: "Dorothy Combs Models Inc."

7th August 2005, 15:04
<br>Anyone who has been concerned about the closing of the Plus Beauty agency (a fact that has now received official confirmation) will be pleased to know that the agency’s booker, Dorothy Combs, has officially announced her intention to open a new plus-size model agency in Miami under her own name, in the very near future. (How easily one forgets that famous industry names such as "Ford" and "Irene Marie" are not mere brands, but were named after actual individuals in the fashion industry.)

Ms. Combs affirms that <i>"most of my talent from Plus Beauty will be coming with me to the new agency"</i> and specifies, <i>"I am waiting on my talent license and I am hoping to be up and running by the beginning of October."</i>

We certainly wish Ms. Combs and her models all the success in the world with their exciting new endeavour.

Melissa Masi--a late addition to the erstwhile Plus Beauty board:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/mm/test03.jpg"></center>