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M. Lopez
2nd January 2007, 15:54
It's wonderful to see that Nordstrom is starting the year off right with new images of Barbara Brickner.

Here's a lovely shot of Barbara in a "pintuck" shirt.


Note how the ornaments make it much prettier than just a mensewear style. My favorite details are the lace inserts in the sleeves, which almost turn it into a peasant blouse. (How I miss those!) The waist design isn't my favourite, but at least it embraces the midriff snugly, without constricting it, the way a misplaced belt would, and allows the wearer's body to give the shirt shape.


Dramatic pose by Barbara as well. She looks stunning.

But amazingly, the image in which Barbara looks most visibly curvy shows her in, of all things, a trenchcoat:


Barbara is surely the only model in the world who could make a coat, of all things, look so shapely. The image attractively suggests the countours of her figure.


Another very effective pose, too. Surprisingly beautiful image, in such a style.

I also like the floral design on this sweater:


4th January 2007, 15:30
Nordstrom has published several new images of Barbara today. Its great to see them dressing her in more youthful styles, which better suit her than some of the companys more "mature" designs.

Im indifferent to the paisley patters on these tops, but they are cut in a very curve-flattering way. This top, for example, fits beautifully at the bust (when the wearer has a figure as shapely as Barbara does), and the v-neck is always an alluring neckline



I also like the hairstyles in these images - relaxed and wavy, which adds to the general mood of languid, casual ease that Barbara creates in these pictures. Its the look of someone who knows that she is one of the worlds most beautiful women, without any effort at all.

http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/mediumlarge/6/_5324126.jpg http://a1216.g.akamai.net/f/1216/955/6h/images2.nordstrom.com/ImageGallery/store/Product/MediumLarge/13/_5324113.jpg


But the standout images is the next one, which is SO exciting. It shows Barbara in all-out goddess mode, fully expecting the homage that is her due. I think Barbara is becoming ever more aware of her beauty, ever more secure in her ability to generate these kinds of "worship-me-now" poses - which I adore, because I always get a transfusion of confidence from them myself.


If only all women of size could feel this way about themselves.


1st February 2007, 20:46
Nordstrom also features this simple but appealing sweater on Barbara, as part of the "nautical" motif that's been popular this season. It has that relaxed, resort/vacation look:



6th February 2007, 07:56
Just a heads-up for all Barbara fans. She's seen modelling a new item at Nordstorm:


Nordstrom has offered some more exciting styles in the past, but still, it's always a treat to see Barbara modelling dresses.