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21st January 2007, 23:38
It always amazes me that France, the epicentre of world fashion, has so few plus-size retailers, and so few recognizable plus-size models- at least, as far as I'm aware.

I try to keep my eye out for potential French contributors to size celebration. I got to know Giani Forte from Anabelle Ursulet's work, but I recently discovered another French retailer going by the name "Julie Envy," and the company has at least one notable plus-size model in their campaigns, a girl named Vanessa Blareau:


European fashion is generally still in a pre-Mode state of development, but it's nice to see that Julie Envy dressed Vanessa in a wrap style, conforming to her generous curves, rather than in the formless apparel that is still so typical of European full-figure fashion. I like the v-neck, and the open sleeves show off Vanessa's shapely arms. Beautiful hairstyle, too, and a sensual expression.

Here's another example of Vanessa's work. She also has curvy legs.


Vanessa was actually a contest winner in a model search that Julie Envy held last year, to find girls to headline its Fall/Winter campaign:


For a first-time model, I think she did a very nice job in these images. And I very much appreciate the fact that in Vanessa, Julie Envy selected someone who actually looks full-figured. (Too many European retailers are stuck in the faux-plus mindset.)

The Julie Envy site features several more images of Vanessa throughout its product pages, for those who are interested.

22nd January 2007, 23:23
<br>The Julie Envy Web log features another image of Ms. Blareau that doesn't appear on the company's product pages. The clothing here is too conservative by half, with its copious swathes of black, but at least the sash brings the garment closer to the body:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/vblareau01.jpg"></center><p>The site introduces Vanessa as <i>"blonde sexy et plantureuse"</i> (blonde, sexy, and lavish), which is a wonderful description. Vanessa is opulently proportioned, with soft facial features, a generous waist, and curvy arms. It's wonderful to see a fuller-figured model express an air of sensuality, but without overdoing it.

European plus-size fashion (and modelling) may not yet be at the North American level, but there are signs of progress (as noted in the recent "European fit" post). The continental industry does occasionally find attractive models, such as Vanessa and the model for kristina.be, whose beauty transcends the rather tame apparel that they are required to model. In future seasons, European retailers may yet be able to give their American counterparts a run for their money.

For readers who are up on their French, The Julie Envy site also features an interview with Vanessa:<p>- <a href="http://www.julieenvy.com/detailMannequin-24.html" target="_blank">Vanessa Blareau interview</a>

jenna sais quoi
30th January 2007, 03:13
For readers who are up on their French, The Julie Envy site also features an interview with Vanessa:<p>- <a href="http://www.julieenvy.com/detailMannequin-24.html" target="_blank">Vanessa Blareau interview</a>
I put this together between vague memories of high-school French and Babelfish- I thought it was worth a read! Hope you guys appreciate the translation- it's not perfect, but I think her sparkling personality comes across all the same!


1. You were selected by the Julie Envy jury to become one of our new ambassadresses. Tell us why you wished to take part in this contest.

I wished to take part in the contest because it was important for me to show that just because one is round doesn't mean that one is not pretty, and that one cannot pose for photographs, and represent a brand of clothing. I am of a rather timid nature, but eccentric- it was also a way of pushing my limits, and I adored taking part in this adventure, and I thank the jury for having given me my chance!

2. What does it mean to you to be one of the new models for Julie Envy?

It is so flattering to have been selected from amongst all the candidates... I was very happy when I learned that I was going to model the autumn-winter collection! It made my little-girl dream come true. I hoped to be worthy of the selection, to follow in the footsteps of the others who have previously modelled for "Julie Envy".

3. You're one of the stars of the new autumn-winter 06/07 catalogue. How did you do in the course of the photoshoot?

I will not deny that I adored posing for the photographer, even if in the beginning, one is catered to a little, because it is the first time. The team enormously helped to relax me, and it was held in a good environment. One with lots of laughing- I adored being spoiled by everyone!

4. What was for you the most outstanding moment of this adventure?

There were so many! But I will say when I was selected for the photographs outside, with the car, in the small city. That was the event of the year!! I lost count of the number of cars which turned to pass by "us" a second time, or the people who made a pretense of reading the church program, but threw glances in my direction! (laughs) It was very pleasant to be, for one moment, the star in fur coat and sunglasses, but it is also obviously not easy to be comfortable when you are the center of everyone's attention, and you know that you have several pairs of eyes fixed on the least of your movements!

5. As you were likely to discover the new collection first, what captured your heart this season?

I liked all the designs. I however especially like the rather long black tunics like the yoriu, and the cowl-neck tunic that one puts on with trousers. The outfit with the pink skirt and the transparent pinkish tunic that goes over the black evening gown was very classic too!

6. What it is the outfit in which you feel prettiest?

When I pair my black suit with my pink brassiere, that makes a contrast which I adore: serious but mischievous!

7. A style or beauty tip for our ‘Net surfers?

Try to remain as natural as possible, learn to like your defects and make them assets of seduction, and stop hiding yourself in potato sacks. We are round and we know it! Dare to wear sexy clothing, show that you are at ease with yourself, smile, have fun, and you will find that others will approach you more often.

8. What would like to say itself to all the beautiful luscious women* who will see you on the catalogue and Internet site www.julieenvy.com?

That they might have the chance to be next?! Especially that they must believe in themselves- it's essential- and I hope they will appreciate the collection, and will feel the pleasure that we had to participate in this adventure!

*The original term in French was jolies pulpeuses. I wish we had an equivalent in English!