View Full Version : Christina: New Torrid profile!

22nd January 2007, 17:19
I just found a brand-new profile of Christina Schmidt on Torrid.com. It's shorter than the big interview she did for them during her first Torrid shoot, but it's still amazing:


She looks so beautiful in that dress!

22nd January 2007, 18:38
<br>Miss Schmidt's words are truly inspirational, and her message, never to change who you are, applies not just to the topic of women and size, but to so many aspects of life.

Christina always looks gorgeous modelling dresses, so Torrid chose very well in selecting a dress image for her profile. The fact that she has a curvy waist, rather than a caved-in midriff of the kind that emaciated models do, means that her silhouette is particularly feminine and attractive.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid50.jpg"></center><p>Christina's sweet expression strikes just the right tone for this item, which, with its rose details, is very pretty, but also quite alluring, given its strapless cut. The tied sash at the front is a lovely detail.

23rd January 2007, 01:06
The comment that I especially appreciated in the interview was this one:

Advice for a girl who wants to be a plus size model: Be yourself. Don't be, like, "I have to lose weight", or this or that. Be yourself and work towards your dream. Don't change who you are, seriously! When I'm myself, that's when the best pictures happen.
Thats so true! Christina never, ever delivers a mixed message. She is always 100% positive, totally beyond the anti-plus propaganda of the media. Her words do as much good for the confidence of curvy girls her exciting pictures do.

I would love to see her fame spread in the future. She is a terrific role model for the "Torrid generation".

28th January 2007, 07:22
<br>Michael Anthony has also kindly provided an outtake of Christina modelling the very interesting dress, featured above:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid51b.jpg"></center><p>It is worth noting another comment by Christina, from her profile: <i>"I've seen all these blogs and E-mails celebrating plus-size beauty."</i>

One hopes that this reflects an experience that is being shared by many young girls of Chistina's generation. They have come of age with far more substantial body-confidence than the parents did, thanks to the growing number of resources--particularly on-line--that are helping to revive the timeless ideal of full-figured femininity.

As Christina's generation gains a prominent place in society, it will finally be able to do away with the curve-o-phobia of the recent past, and will finally restore timeless beauty to its historic position of cultural dominance.

29th January 2007, 16:25
The images are beautiful and feminine, and as always, Christina looks especially stunning modelling dresses, with her curvaceous figure. The strapless, sleeveless design, and the feminine touch of the sash, make this an ideal style for plus-size beauty.

I hope that Christina's youth, looks, and consistently positive message inspire many young girls growing up today to appreciate, even adore, their natural figures rather than resenting them.