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2nd February 2007, 06:09
<br>Fans may remember the exotically beautiful <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/anabelle.htm" target="_blank">Anabelle Ursulet</a> from her Giani Forte campaigns of several seasons ago.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/au/gf01.jpg"></center><p>We now have two opportunities to view this model's work in living motion.

First, Ms. Ursulet's booker, Agence Plus in Paris, has posted a video of an appearance by Anabelle (and her Agence Plus peers) on a French TV talk show. The video is viewable at the following page:

- <a href="http://www.models.fr/newsponctuelle/Plus/defile.html" target="_blank">Click here to view the Agence Plus video</a>

The models' appearances comprise three short, separate clips--two for French plus-size fashion labels, and one for a prestigious jeweller. The clips begin at 0'36 into this video, while the jewellery clip, the best of the three, begins at 2'17. Note that Anabelle's dress in the third segment is reminiscent of Crystal Renn's Gaultier gown. The background music is the famous "Flower Duet" from the Delibes opera, <i>Lakmé.</I>

Fashion-oriented TV appearances by plus-size models are still rare enough to warrant mention, and the producers obviously took some pains to create an elegant aesthetic for the clips.

Ms. Ursulet also appears in a 5'38 "behind-the-scenes" video of the shooting of Giani Forte's Winter 2005/06 campaign, viewable via the link below. Her lively personality, as seen in the clip, augments her considerable charm.

Anabelle modelling for Giani Forte, Spring/Summer 2006:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/au/gf02.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://vospa.free.fr/gianiforte.wmv">Click here to watch the Giani Forte video</a>

28th March 2007, 18:40
Anabelle fans can see her in the brand-new campaign from Giani Forte.

I'm not universally fond of the Giani Forte designs, as many of them tend towards the loose, formless style. However, I do appreciate the fact that they have an organic quality, and some are quite feminine and attractive:


For a country that's renowned as the epicentre of fashion, there's never very much to talk about from France, so it's nice to be able to give this French plus-size model with her truly unique look some praise.


I keep hoping that she might blossom into a curvier goddess, someday. In the meantime, her new images at Giani Forte show more of her beauty.