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8th February 2007, 08:00
C.J. Banks deserves credit for featuring Barbara in their promotions, but some of their imagery has been a tad conservative.

However, the e-mail circular that they sent out yesterday is very, very nice:


It shows Barbara in a more size-positive way than C.J. Banks has allowed before (even with a suggestion of a curvy waist), and the vibrant floral colours are a wonderful anticipation of spring.

"Soft, feminine, and flirty" - all adjectives that suit plussize goddesses so well!


M. Lopez
12th February 2007, 10:46
The new spring promotion is finally out at the C.J. Banks, and it's quite a beautiful campaign. It has that tropical feeling that I always associate with Mode - and of course, the fact that Barbara is the principal model makes it Mode-like as well.


Barbara looks very comfortable and relaxed - a popular aspect of her work. The palm trees in the background help to create that warm mood, which is especially welcome at this time of year, especially for those of us who are in the more northerly climes.

In these single pics, I note that Barbara has always looked great in fuchsia (what an enchanting smile!), and I adore the detail of her playing with her hair in the second shot.

http://www.cjbanks.com/images/2004quad5/bus.jpg http://www.cjbanks.com/images/2004quad5/sto.jpg

Really lovely campaign from an increasingly popular client. They are learning to make the most of having such a stunning goddess as their representative.


13th February 2007, 09:22
C.J. Banks put out a larger version of that enchanting playing-with-the-hair shot, in a new e-mail promo yesterday:


I also love the detail of the snug bottom button, which suggests a shapely figure, even without the clothes being tight. Just something as simple as that can turn a picture that would be gorgeous anyway into an image that is size-positive as well.

This is a beautiful campaign, as Barbara's always are, and a wonderful escape of tropical beauty- and feminine beauty.


14th February 2007, 08:33
<br>Perhaps the loveliest photograph of all in this new campaign is the following minuscule image, from the C.J. Banks site. Mrs. Brickner has always looked especially gorgeous in white, and the floral-pink skirt (a <i>skirt,</i> thank you!) is an ideal pairing. Wonderfully easygoing pose--and again, a size-positive suggestion of a generous figure. One hopes that the company might feature this image in a future e-mail promotion, at a larger size.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/cj03.jpg"></center><p>This campaign vividly confirms the benefits of shooting in natural locales. The lush setting harmonizes with Barbara's voluptuous beauty, creating an ambience of indolence and unrestrained enjoyment.

Note in particular the caption to the advert that Kaitlynn posted, above: <i>"In your element."</i> No truer words have ever been spoken. Barbara is definitely "in her element" in this relaxed setting, just as full-figured goddesses in general are likewise "in their element" in idyllic environments of indulgence and pleasure, such as these images display.