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10th February 2007, 08:47
Amazing that it's only been a year since Kelsey Olson's first exciting prom promotion. She's created so many gorgeous images for Torrid since then, but I have to say, the pictures of her in Torrid's brand-new Prom 2007 campaign are among her most gorgeous ever, and definitely show that she has become more beautiful over the past year.

The promotion appears at this link:


The good news is, this year, all of the images are clickable, to be seen at a larger size- showing Kelsey in all her radiant beauty.

She looks so elegant in black:


So soft- softer than ever- in blue, which really brings out her delicate, fair complexion (maybe the prettiest, fairest complexion of any model):


A breathtakingly beautiful hairstyle here (not as fond of the print, though), and a proud display of her luscious legs:


But all of the images are masterpieces. I only wish Torrid also featured reverse views, as prom dresses really need to be seen front and back to be assessed.

Kelsey, always lovely, has grown so much more gorgeous as a model. I'm thrilled that Torrid recognizes her talent and beauty. What a stunning campaign.

11th February 2007, 07:16
I adore all of these pictures. Thank goodness Kelsey has NOT diminished herself, but is remaining curvy. She looks like the prom date of every guys dreams, and would surely be the belle of any ball.

Nice photos, too. I love the detail of having pink-and-white balloons. It emphasizes Kelseys own exquisite pink-and white complexion. Great touch.

Among the pictured dresses, I also like this one, especially because of that vibrant pink bow/sash:


The colour scheme of the bow, with the details in the dress, compliments Kelseys fair complexion so well.

And for the sake of some colour variety, this blue/green dress makes a great contrast to all of the pink themes. Terrific pose by Kelsey, here - very Marilynesque:


(But Kelsey is far more beautiful than Marilyn ever was!)

M. Lopez
16th February 2007, 09:14
Kelsey looks stunning in this prom series. I also like the red-dress image. This colour has always looked good on her, contrasting so vividly with her fair skin, and it's quite a lively pose. I only wish that some of Torrid's longer dresses were a little more fitted around the waist and hips. Lovely cut at the bust.


I will say, though, that this is the one time I've seen Kelsey in a hairstyle that I am iffy about.

On the other hand, a great hairstyle, wild and fun but still very beautiful, can been seen in the following new dress image at Torrid. I believe it's the same outfit as one of the prom-preview pics, above (note the attractive sash).


Michael Anthony always does especially memorable work when she shoots Christina Schmidt or Kelsey. Terrific campaign.

9th April 2007, 04:06
I found one more, really beautiful image of Kelsey from this prom series that Id love to share here:


If youre wondering why it doesnt show up at the Torrid page linked above, its because I found it as an illustration to an online article about plussize prom:


The article is poisoned by mixed messages, but it has a few wonderful things to say about todays plussize teen girls, and their growing beauty and confidence:

"It's not just that the girls are getting bigger, they're getting curvier," she says. "We're seeing fuller bustlines and broader backs. Realistically, very few girls are a size 7."...

[A]s a rule, the size isn't an issue for them. Very few larger girls walk in here with their heads down."...

"Forget the stereotype. She wants to be sleek, sassy and cute like her friends."
It makes me so angry to see the war on curvy girls that the media is waging today. Thank goodness they have role models like Kelsey to show them that they can be absolutely gorgeous at their naturally curvy size.

Currently, Kelsey also appears on the Torrid cover page, in a series of prom dresses (although the cover page might change soon):