View Full Version : full-figured actress Michelle Horn

18th February 2007, 14:23
I saw a movie a few nights ago starring Bruce Willis called "Hostage". It is a movie from 2005. Well, much to my delight, one of the lead actresses in the film is quite curvy and beautiful. Her name is Michelle Horn. She has a major role in the film and is dressed most of the time in an outfit worthy of a Torrid girl: tight hip-hugger jeans, and an off-the-shoulder top that shows off her curvy shoulders and arms.

Now, in my opinion, this film makes a wonderful statement about size celebration. 1. They portray her as the typical teenager, and she is definitely not the same type of waifish teenager one normally sees in a major Hollywood action flick. 2. The main "bad guy" in the film is entranced by her -understandably so...

For me that says that the director saw her beauty as ideal.

Now that is the good news...the bad news is that I found more pictures of her on the Internet, and unfortunately, since she made "Hostage" she has succumed to the pressures of Hollywood and diminished her size.

Oh well. Anyway, kudos to the director who cast that part so well. Anyone who likes violent action movies (or is willing to suffer through them, in order to see a voluptuous goddess on film) please rent it and tell me what you think of the full-figured Michelle Horn. There is even a scene close to the end where she is compared to the Virgin Mary.