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22nd February 2007, 20:21
Ah, how lovely to see this picture! I was beginning to wonder if Nordstrom would ever dress Barbara in something other than dark colours. This palm grees is vibrant, but natural, and Barbara looks similarly lush and lively. This is one of her classic dress shots, showing off her shapely legs and full arms. The dress wraps her figure very nicely.

The medium size shows the effect of the pose:


while the full-size version shows the details:


Nordstrom calls this a "Grecian" style -- so how right to exhibit it on a living goddess. Gorgeous dress, photo -- and especially, model.


22nd March 2007, 16:01
Barbara has a gorgeous new picture at Nordstrom that I'd like to post here:


I love the dreamy, faraway look in her eyes. I think she becomes even more lovely when she poses like this. You can't help but be in awe of her beauty, when she adopts such romantic expressions.

Here's the item she's modelling, with two other images for the different colours:


28th March 2007, 21:03
The dress is too formelss, but this is still a gorgeous new image of Barbara at Nordstrom. Even without a fitted cut, one can still perceive the voluptuous curves of the model in the outfit.


Barbara always manages to turn every piece she wears into something attractive. I'm just hoping that Nordstrom debuts more exciting apparel for summer...


M. Lopez
4th April 2007, 08:24
Delightfully, Nordstrom also shows Barbara modelling a much more feminine and curve-adoring dress. This halter style offers another example of how fitted dresses are absolutely made for Classical goddesses like Barbara. (Waifs need not apply.)


The cut is extremely attractive at the bust, and the model's womanly figure gives even the looser areas of the dress a full-figured shape. I especially like the flared hem - and Barbara brilliantly employs a little movement, a little sway, to make the dress come alive.

Nordstrom also shows it in reverse view:


I love how the ribbon/tie runs down the model's back. The cut could stand to be a little lower yet, but it's still low enough to make the model's bare figure the best fashion accessory of all.

If you go to the product page, you can see more images of Barbara modelling this dress, in different colours - but most of those hues are too garish for me. I like the rust colour as the most organic-looking shade, and it's most flattering on the model.

Another alluring pose by Barbara in the blue style, though:



4th April 2007, 18:16
Here's a treat for Barbara Brickner fans: another new spring dress, but this one with a higher hemline. It doesn't define the figure as well as aficionados might like, but female viewers are sure to appreciate the sheer ruffled hem (which is really feminine and pretty), and male admirers will be delighted for this rare glimpse of possibly the best legs of any model in the industry.


Plus-size goddesses invariably have gorgeous legs, which is why the best full-figure designs are those that show them off...


10th April 2007, 20:19
Nordstrom is now featuring two new lovely dress images of Barbara. This season, my favourites, both as images and as dresses, have been the first one, the spring green dress, as well as the rust-coloured style shown recently.

This one has its charm, with cap sleeves (which is almost sleeveless):


It offers a suggestion of Barbaras figure, although the fit really could be a bit more defined.


On the other end of the spectrum, here is a style that fits very close. I like the design, the cut (Ive seen that cross-your-heart "V" style in images of dresses worn by Lillian Russell), the fit - everything except the fabric, which looks a bit drapery-ish, at least in the picture.


Barbara makes it beautiful...


13th April 2007, 08:59
Please allow me to throw one more image into the mix, here- an interesting crochet style that, while it's not a snug fit, still embraces the figure well enough to allow Barbara's classical curves to exhibit their beauty.


Is it even necessary to say that a plus-size, feminine figure is essential for making this an attractive outfit? Because it is. The lovely silhouette is entirely due to the womanly allure of the wearer (something for all voluptuous vixens to remember- the best-kept secret in the world today- that fashion simply looks better on curvier figures than on underweight frames).


M. Lopez
15th April 2007, 08:07
In case everyone here hasn't seen them, Nordstrom just released a new series of images of Barbara modelling attractive Sweet Pea tops. I'm always a bit iffy about the prints on Sweet Pea styles, but the cut of these tops is very feminine, very sensual.

Here's the loveliest of the new images:


You can see how flattering this style is for an ideal figure like Barbara's, how the deep V and the ruching accentuate the decolletage. Many also love these styles because they allow one to become comfortably curvier, with a fuller waist, and they still fit just as well - or even better.

Here's the product page of this item, but each of these styles is worth a view. Barbara looks particularly stunning in these designs.


18th April 2007, 20:57
This has to be one of the most flattering items that Nordstrom has even shown Barbara Brickner modelling. Finally, they gave her something really youthful to wear. So often, she does her best to show off the companys more "mature" styles, but here she is in something that really shows off her gorgeous figure, and goes with her youthful appearance.


The piece comes in three different colour schemes, each of which is shown in a different image - all gorgeous. I like the grey/pink version best for colour, and I adore how the pink lipgloss goes with the pink trim on the top:


but my favourite, as an image, is the royal blue edition. This is one of those stunning Barbara images that just makes you gasp in awe. She displays an expression of such goddesslike supremacy, such confidence-beyond-confidence, even vanity, here. Her beauty is always most breathtaking when she has this demeanour. The closely-fitted top makes the most of her opulent curves, celebrating her womanly beauty. The pink accents in the makeup play up her youthful qualities.


Just amazing...I always feel so inspired when I view images like these.

1st May 2007, 14:52
Here's another really pretty top that's wonderfully fitted to Barbara's figure, as is the one above. What I like about this one, though, is the print. Each of the three colours in which this piece is available has a subtle floral print, and it's remarkable how much the delicate design adds to the item, making it more feminine.


Of course, if you have a figure as luscious as Barbara's, you want pieces that embrace it in such an adoring way. Not all of Nordstrom's prints are appealing, but this one is. And it's always a pleasure to see Nordstrom dressing Barbara in appropriately youthful styles, like "tank tops" -- but finding a way to make them pretty, to.

On the topic of subtle embellishments, if one really must wear a collared shirt, note how the pattern in this blouse makes it more feminine than if it were merely a flat fabric, or a striped design.


I still prefer the first item, though: