View Full Version : Hayley Hasselhoff back at Torrid

28th February 2007, 17:14
While browing the new Kelsey pictures at Torrid, I also stumbled upon a new Hayley image. Very pretty!


Her long straight hair is so beautiful. It reminds me of Chloe Agnew.

Between Christina Schmidt, Kelsey, and young Miss Hasselhoff, Torrid has an all-star lineup!

1st March 2007, 11:12
Cute girl, and apparently she survived her father's singing completely unscathed! (Just kidding.)

Torrid rules, sexy clothes for sexy girls. If only I could convince more women to shop there.

3rd March 2007, 19:39
<br>Miss Hasselhoff is a lovely young model, and possesses an impressive fashion sense. Here is an image of Hayley at a recent celebrity event, in which her golden tresses are arranged in thick, heavy, fairy-tale curls that are utterly enchanting. The outfit is chic and elegant, but modestly daring as well, suggesting the model's curvy figure.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/hayley13b.jpg"></center><p>And this time around, Torrid gave Miss Hasselhoff a very pretty item to model. As a shining example of the New Femininity, the top's ruffled trim and organic colours have a pre-modern quality. The model herself has such an Old World charm that one can envision this look as a successful update of a folkloric outfit that a plus-size beauty like Hayley would have worn in past centuries, in an idyllic German village, in which she would have been the May Queen--the damsel that every young fellow adored and courted.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/hayley14.jpg"></center><p>Hayley has a wonderful look, and genuine modelling talent. Better known for her pouting expressions in the past, she has also developed a warm, genial smile. It will be a delight to see her continue modelling for Torrid, where she will undoubtedly be an inspiration to many young curvy girls.

8th March 2007, 14:37
There are more lovely images of Hayley at Torrid now.

I adore how she looks in this blue top. The aqua color look so good on her!


Her smile in this pretty Kimono top is warm and beautiful:


And I don't know about the mix of patterns (I would have preferred either polka dots or roses- the roses are so nice!) but I love the way this top is cut, and it looks good on Hayley:


14th March 2007, 14:52
Hayley is now on the Torrid cover, in a very cute picture. I adore her in that soft, delicate pink blouse. I only wish the picture had featured it more. It suits her so well. Very lively, '40s expression, too:


But to see Hayley at her best, here are some product pages showing her with a truly fairy-tale hairstyle:



She looks as beautiful in those as she does in any of her paparazzi pictures. She is just the kind of young princess whom the Grimm brothers had in mind, when recording the German folk tales.

Although I do wish Hayley were a tad fuller-figured, she is shapely, and, like Kelsey, looks especially attractive in white. This is such a cute t-shirt, and it fits her especially well:


You can see many more pictures of Hayley in the "Tops" section of the Torrid site.

10th April 2007, 20:11
Torrid now features a short bio of Hayley:


Interesting to read that she is with Ford. I never knew that. She is very pretty, but its such a shame that she is so thin. I really wish she were at least a little bit fuller-figured.

The image that goes with it is one of the better Hayley photos that Torrid has produced. I adore the romantic haristyle: