View Full Version : Wende Gauthier at Old Navy

M. Lopez
3rd March 2007, 21:03
It's nice to see Ford L.A.'s Wende Gauthier on the landing page at Old Navy. As a size 14 at 5'8, she genuinely looks curvaceous:


I like the babydolls, but I despise the idea of wearing jeans underneath. It's awful! What a way to ruin what would otherwise be perfectly wonderful looks.

But it's great to see this retailer using a true plus-size model, and even allowing her to appear curvy (left image).


26th March 2007, 06:44
Wende also appears in a lingerie promotion at Mervyns this week. I will post the link to the page, rather than the picture, for the benefit of readers who dont care for lingerie images.


Its always encouraging to see clients using models size 14 and up, especially in work thats "revealing".