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M. Lopez
15th March 2007, 17:46
Nordstrom can be inconsistent in its plus-size model choices (too many straight-size girls' pictures in the plus section), but I appreciate the fact that when it does enlist curvy models, it generally chooses those who are truly full-figured, such as Barbara Brickner.

Shapely Melissa King appears in several new Nordstrom pictures, but the one that stands out is this dress image:


It's hard to tell, because of the print, but it shows that she has generous hips and a curvy abdomen (a very womanly trait). It's a pretty size-positive picture, for a mainstream retailer. A better look is available at the product page.

The only thing I dislike is the print has a join in front, which disrupts the pattern. The ornament at the bust, popular this season, is always a good feature.


20th March 2007, 20:06
For Melissa fans, there's another fine image of the model in a fitted dress:


M.Lopez is right: these prints are not the most appealing. But at least the dress is curve-embracing - and Ms. King has such alluring curves to embrace...

Her figure puts all of the thinner models on the Nordstrom site (and many other fashion sites) to shame, especially shown off in a form-fitting wrap style, as in this case. Nordstrom photographs her quite well.


1st May 2007, 10:33
Nordstrom has given Melissa a few newer, somewhat attractive pieces to model for summer.

Here she is a breezy white top. Like Barbara, Melissa manages to give shape even to non-fitted items:


I thought I'd share this picture too- not for the top but, for once, for the slacks. Melissa has always had a knack for making pants look good (and I say this as someone who prefers skirts and dresses), because her curves enable her to still look womanly, still look shapely and full-figured, even in something that's not intrinsically feminine.


Here's another example. A "shirtdress" is an uneasy mix of two styles that are better on their own, but Melissa's stunning figure enables her to give the dress contours that it wouldn't otherwise possess.


Pity the dress doesn't look as nice from the front view.

Here's the top item: