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23rd March 2007, 18:41
Everyone who thought that Charlotte Coyle's Marks & Spencer images were stunning already had better get ready to have a heart attack.

The company has completely revamped its Web site, and the plus landing page shows Charlotte in what is easily one of the steamiest, most alluring images that any plus-size model has ever produced:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/ms20.jpg"></center><p>Charlotte makes even the company’s catalogue image look sexy, but for these, more editorial-style landing-page photos, the photographer clearly allowed her to turn the heat up several degrees. The results are beyond intoxicating.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/ms21.jpg"></center><p>Any viewers coming to the "plus" section, their minds filled with negative Hollywood stereotypes about frumpy full-figured women in men's suits, will have their perceptions shatterd by these incredibly luscious images. No viewer will be able to deny that Charlotte leaves every waif-actress and model-cadaver in the dust. <i>This</i> is the manner of beauty that the media has suppressed for decades, and the appearance of these images surely heralds its return.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/ms22.jpg"></center><p>Charlotte is completely rewriting the definition of plus-size beauty; or rather, returning it to its timeless origins. It now stipulates that, to truly connect with the public, full-figured models must be more generously proportioned, <i>and</i> more gorgeous, than they have been in the past. And bravo to any company, such as Marks and Spencer, which has embraced this definition, and is presenting it to the world.<p>- <a href="http://www.marksandspencer.com/gp/node/n/43043030/026-1765717-9470005?ie=UTF8&mnSBrand=core" target="_blank">Beauty Reborn (at Marks & Spencer)</a>

24th March 2007, 18:17
I can't even begin to say how thrilled I am at these images. They're sizzling! And if you go to the M&S site, you will see that Charlotte is the only model there who is photographed in such a sexy way. Of course, Charlotte is sexy in any photograph, but Marks and Spencer clearly and consciously made the decision to allow her to look just as alluring as she really is- and to show off her incredibly voluptuous curves, without any disguise or apology.

This campaign is a major leap forward.

Any other model would have compromised, starved herself down into yet another unimportant faux-plus model. But by retaining her curves, by remaining truly full-figured- and looking so gorgeous- Charlotte is setting a new standard.

The newly-redesigned site coincides with the release of another new item- a cotton sweater.


Look at how Charlotte's womanly figure turns this item, which would have been shapeless on a skinny model, into a shapely, seductive piece. Every "rule" the fashion industry ever produced is wrong; clothing looks better on women with curves.


M. Lopez
27th March 2007, 15:40
I find the circular black "New" signs that M&S posted over Charlotte's pictures very interesting. They refer to the clothing, of course, but you can also take them as referring to the images themselves. This look is entirely new, for plus-size models, who have never been allowed to look this sexy before, in a commercial campaign.

Charlotte's full-figured beauty is timeless, of course, but to a modern audience, who has never been allowed to see this kind of ravishing femininity, it is entirely "new."

It says something encouraging about Marks & Spencer, too, for thinking so highly of their womanly customers as to realize that they can and do identify with an unapologetically curvaceous and gorgeous model, like Charlotte.

I especially love the steamy "wet look" hairstyle in those pictures. Nothing in Maxim, or FHM, or any other "lads' mag" can hold a candle to these photos.

- - - -

But going back to the catalogue shots, here are two more images that M&S has added to the site.


I'm not sure if I'm crazy about these styles, as they are so loose as to be a bit shapeless, but Charlotte looks so radiant and angelic in white, that even these outfits look beautiful on her.



28th March 2007, 17:51
Charlotte's fans in the U.K. will want to tune in to Britain's Channel 4 this Sunday, April 1st at 2:25 A.M. (yes, two-thirty in the morning!) to watch a repeat of her Shape of the Nation documentary, featuring the "Beauty Reborn" show.

As far as I know, this is the first time that her program has been re-broadcast since it initially aired in prime time last summer. The viewership in the morning will inevitably be smaller than it was for the premiere, but still, it's wonderful to see Channel 4 showing this to the public once again.

I just wish someone would broadcast it on this side of the pond...

Here's a product at M&S that used to be shown full-length, and is now presented in close-up.



31st March 2007, 23:18
Perhaps to coincide with tomorrow night's rebroadcast of Channel 4's Charrlotte Coyle documentary, M&S has released several new images of Charlotte. Style-wise, these items are a matter of taste, but the important thing is that the company is obviously truly committed to letting this ultra-curvy, ultra-gorgeous model represent "plus" to its customers - and to the world.

Here's Charlotte in a new print top:


an off-white blouse:


and a jacket and white slacks (that fit her curves beautifully):


This campaign has a special relevance, in context of tomorrow's rebroadcast of Charlotte's show. That documentary highlighted the struggle that Charlotte initially faced in the U.K. (after her successful plus-size career in the U.S.), owing to the ridiculous faux-plus mindset of British fashion industry, which absurdly resisted featuring genuinely full-figured models in plus-size fashion campaigns.

It's be worth keeping Charlotte's triumph with this campaign in mind, tomorrow night, when one sees the agent in that documentary trying to browbeat Charlotte into diminishing her curves. Charlotte succeeded on her own terms. It's a remarkable example of triumph over adversity, and a great success for size celebration.


1st April 2007, 19:55
I am delighted to hear that the Channel 4 is showing Charlottes show again tonight (just two hours from now). They should have aired it in prime time, though.

It was first broadcast before the tragedy of multiple model deaths from self-imposed starvation hit the headlines. Now, Charlottes efforts to bring womanly curves to the fashion industry have a much greater urgency. The struggles that Charlotte faced getting her show together, as that documentary reveals, vividly reveal the entrenched fashion/media mindset that keeps its harmful (and often lethal) underweight standard in place.

I so envy British viewers, who get to see the show in broadcast quality. Here in North America, its only available in the small Google Video form (but thank goodness for that, at least).

Here is another image of Charlotte at M&S.


It used to be a full-length pic, and is now in close-up. With the hint of decolletage shown by the top underneath, and the close fit on her luscious curves, Charlotte makes this simple piece quite eye-catching.


M. Lopez
2nd April 2007, 05:33
Charlotte's fans in the U.K. will want to tune in to Britain's Channel 4 this Sunday, April 1st at 2:25 A.M. (yes, two-thirty in the morning!) to watch a repeat of her Shape of the Nation documentary, featuring the "Beauty Reborn" show.
It seems that, in addition to the Channel 4 re-broadcast, Charlotte's show is also getting quite a bit of international airplay recently.

Here's a cached link showing it on the schedule of Kanal 4 in Denmark, on March 29th 2007 (just few days ago):

Here's the write-up, in case there are any Danes reading the forum:

Store skønheder (23:10)

Charlotte Coyle har en mission! Hun er fast besluttet på at arrangere en event, som vil revolutionere vores syn på store kvinder. Efter at have følt fordommene omkring buttede fotomodeller på egen krop i årevis har Charlotte nu besluttet at afholde en skønhedskonkurrence for store kvinder i hjertet af Londons glamourøse Westend. Det er bestemt et ambitiøst projekt og med en stram deadline, et næsten ikke eksisterende budget og med mange venlige politisk korrekte afslag, er det spørgsmålet, om Charlotte overhovedet kan føre sin drøm ud i livet.
And this cached link shows it on the schedule of Channel 2 in Norway, coming up on April 5th!:

Any Scandinavian readers here? They can enjoy the following description, presumably in Norwegian:

Britisk dokumentar. Charlotte Coyle har i mange år jobbet som modell innenfor mote for fyldige kvinner. Hun har nå sett seg lei på at de syltynne modellene får all oppmerksomheten og vil arrangere en skjønnhetskonkurranse for å sette kvinner med former på motekartet. Men hun har verken tiden eller pengene på sin side når hun vil arrangere denne konkurransen i Londons glamorøse vestkant. Om hun klarer å realisere drømmen sin gjenstår å se.
It's wonderful to know that so much of the world is being exposed to timeless beauty, by seeing Charlotte Coyle in living motion, in her size-positive documentary.

Oh, and here's a brand-new image from Marks and Spencer:


Bravo again to M&S for thinking outside the box (or the "hanger"), and allowing a voluptuous goddess like Charlotte to represent full-figured women.


4th April 2007, 07:08
I can't fail to mention the following item -- a brand-new image of Charlotte showing her modelling a really pretty item; perhaps the most romantic piece she's been featured in yet, at M&S:


The light colour compliments her fair complexion so well, and I especially appreciate the details, such as the touch of lace at the bust. It allows an already alluring v-neck to be just a bit sexier still, but in a coy sort of way -- hinting, in a veiled way, at the wearer's charms.

This is how a plunging neckline can be modest, too. And the wrap style is always a winner.

Oh, and here's a new jacket tailor made for rainy English weather.


(One can't knock the rain, though. It keeps feminine complexions fair, and emerald fields lush and green, in the British Isles.)


7th April 2007, 06:17
I'm always delighted to be able to add something to these exciting Charlotte Coyle threads. Here's a new image of Charlotte at M&S modelling a top with a pretty frill trim:


Feminine touches like frills and ruffles add so much to what would otherwise be basic pieces- and on Charlotte's curvy figure, this becomes a very attractive item.


Oh, and fans should be sure to click on the "zoom" feature on this Marks and Spencer pages. They bring up larger versions of the images- often sharper, and with better colouring- than the pictures that one can post directly from the pages...