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Kaitlynn 4th October 2008 01:48

Barbara Brickner at Kohl's
You always have to give Kohl's credit for booking true plus-size models. I see in their latest flyer they're featuring Barbara again, which is wonderful to see.

She look gorgeous, of course. She's growing her hair longer again, and that always gives her so much more beauty. I keep hoping that she might let it grow really, really long someday. I bet she would look incredible.

M. Lopez 21st December 2008 03:44

Re: Barbara Brickner at Kohl's
It's always worth keeping an eye on the Kohl's flyers to see lovely new pictures of Barbara Brickner.

This image appeared a few weeks ago. I like how Barbara's hair flows here:

And this picture comes from this week's brand-new flyer. It's a terrific image, because it shows off Barbara's womanly, pear-shaped proportions.

Barbara looks so cozy in winter wear, and she manages to give the items shape as well. It's always inspiring to see her pictures.

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