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MelanieW 12th October 2005 21:48

Anna (Irene Marie) at Boscovs
If there was ever a model who deserved more exposure, its Anna from Irene Marie. I still remember the wild enthusiasm that her Laura Plus campaign provoked, a few seasons ago. It was one of the most amazing campaigns Ive ever seen.

I found some brand-new images of her at Boscovs. I can never get over how pretty she is, with her round, Sophie-Dahl-like facial features are. She is the brunette Sophie! But unlike Miss Dahl, she has always had a truly curvy figure.

The industry really needs to see her potential, and make the most of it.

HSG 14th October 2005 02:11

Re: Anna (Irene Marie) at Boscovs

Anna (a flawless size 14/16) also has in her repertoire some truly unique facial expressions, which range from evocations of wide-eyed wonderment to come-hither glances that are utterly irresistible.

It has been a great oversight on our part not to have created a gallery of her work. Fans can expect to see an Anna image collection in the very near future, showcasing her Laura Plus campaigns in particular. . . .

Another look from Boscovs:

HSG 16th October 2005 19:00

Re: Anna (Irene Marie) at Boscovs

As promised, we have finally assembled a collection of Anna's images (linked below). Anna has always been quite popular with aficionados, based on the survey voting, but somehow, putting together a compilation of her work met with one delay after another.

To make amends, we have actually created not just one, but two galleries, and have posted them simultaneously. The first comprises her initial Laura Plus campaign, which caused something of a sensation when it debuted, and the second presents some of her work since that time. We trust that fans will enjoy the collections.

Anna modelling for Laura Plus. (Note how the spherical graphic visually echoes the roundness of her facial features.)

- Click here to visit the new Anna galleries

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