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Hannah 14th September 2011 18:29

Sophie Sheppard with Okay Models
It's always exciting to learn about new developments in the career of gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard.

In addition to being represented by Bella Models in Australia and Milk Management in London, Sophie is also on the board of the German modelling agency Okay Models, based in Hamburg.

Here's her online Okay Models portfolio:

Okay gives her measurements a little differently than Milk, with an even richer waist measurement of 38.5 inches, at 43.5 - 38.5 - 45.5. She is an absolute goddess.

The first image in the portfolio is, of course, her unforgettable headshot:

The portfolio also includes her tear sheets from Vogue Italia, such as this stunning picture, which acknowledges her opulent waist.

Sophie is truly breathtaking. I hope she achieves much success in Germany.

Here's the agency web site:

MelanieW 15th September 2011 06:14

Re: Sophie Sheppard with Okay Models
I will forgive Okay Models their misspelling of "Sheppard" and praise them for representing such a gorgeous model! Sophie is an utterly stunning goddess, exceptionally gorgeous even among timeless beauties, all the more so because he is legitimately curvaceous.

The Okay agency news page even proudly announces, "Sophie in town":

I hope she books many exciting jobs. The German plus-size industry suffers from a regrettable adherence to faux-plus limitations, so it would be wonderful if the beauty of Sophie could win over the German clients and prompt them to select more genuinely full-figured models.

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