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Chad 10th June 2013 20:32

A Vogue Cover Improvement
In an attempt to find any "mainstream" model who is at least a tad curvier than the androgynous, size-0 standard that plagues the fashion industry, some individuals who are repulsed by female emaciation cite the example of Kate Upton, a Sports Illustrated cover girl.

But let's be clear: while Kate Upton is to be commended for not being as cadaverous in appearance as her malnourished high-fashion rivals, and especially for not having an excessively "toned" physique, she is still extremely thin.

This becomes especially apparent when one juxtaposes her figure with that of a true plus-size goddess - a comparison that has now been made vividly possible, thanks to the creative efforts of a Canadian full-figured model who goes by the name Elly Mayday, and has gained a considerable fan following.

Elly Mayday's latest project involved shooting a re-creation of a recent Vogue cover featuring Kate Upton. The comparison is remarkable - and all to the plus-size model's advantage.

Kate is on the left, and Elly is on the right. The plus-size model's facial features are attractively rounder, and her facial features a tad fairer, by which she manages a hint of flushed cheeks. It's a softer, gentler look, and therefore much prettier.

Elly's clavicle is less prominent, and her arms are much more beautiful, which a fleshy fullness, while the straight-size model's limbs are bony. The plus-size model is far more voluptuous, and even her legs are more substantial.

In every way, the plus-size model exhibits the more gorgeous figure. Comparing the two covers is like seeing a "before and after" graphic, except in an inversion of the usual sequence, with the left side showing the inferior, diminished figure, and the right side showing the superior, fuller figure, more well fed and sensual, more feminine, dramatically improved by self-indulgence.

Elly's measurements are 40-34-47, and at 5'8, she is advantageously two inches shorter than Kate Upton, giving her a rounder, more natural body shape. This is what Vogue covers should look like, and in a world where the timeless ideal of plus-size beauty hadn't been displaced by the "aesthetics of guilt, it's what Vogue coves would look like.


A write-up about this creative effort can be found at the Web site of the photographic team that created the cover,

It provides the following credit list for the image:

Photography: ALEXIS KELLY

And Elly Mayday's popular Facebook page can be found here:

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