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Emily 29th April 2007 04:28

Barbara: Delectable summer (at Reitmans)
Reitmans has just unveiled its Summer 2007 campaign, with many gorgeous images of Barbara Brickner. I especially appreciate summer promotions, because even non-Torrid retailers tend to show off feminine, body-adoring styles on their models.

Here's a photo of Barbar in a purple halter-top. The deep, rich colour suits her complexion and opulent beauty really well. Her figure appears curvy, but in a soft and natural way (which is the most attractive look of all):

Very attractive. Of course, Barbara always looks alluring in anything sleeveless, and I also think that this top, in a different shade of purple (that's the colour of the season, at Reitmans) makes her look intensely beautiful.

She's also in rotation on the Reitmans cover page (stealing the show from the underweight models, as she always does). This company consistently produces some of the loveliest campaigns of any plus-size retailer.

Another pretty item:

Kaitlynn 7th May 2007 03:26

Re: Barbara: Delectable summer (at Reitmans)
I really enjoy this new season's "purple" collection at Reitmans, and I agree with Emily that the colour looks stunning on Barbara. Purple is to a naturally darker skin tone (like Barbara's) what baby pink is to fair-skinned beauty- the most feminine of hues.

Emily's pictures are the loveliest, so far, but I also like the image of Barbara in this blouse:

It's the ruching at the bust that really makes this top, allowing it conform to a voluptuous figure in an attractive way. Without the ruching, it would be too androgynous, but the ruching helps tastefully show off feminine assets.

I also like this picture. The tee is a simple design, but I think it's absolutely lovely as a photograph. The way the sunlight catches Barbara's hair, and creates shadows around the curves of her figure, is very pretty.

This is another truly gorgeous campaign from a consistently size-positive retailer.

M. Lopez 20th May 2007 07:23

Re: Barbara: Delectable summer (at Reitmans)
Fans should be sure to visit now, to see many attractive new images of Barbara walking along a beach. It's not quite the new swimwear series that we are all hoping for, but the pictures still have Barbara showing off her shapely legs.

That's a very pretty top, too; extremely flattering on a buxom figure like Barbara's, and with a pretty design at the waist.

But camisoles and blouses always look even prettier with a skirt than with shorts or capris, as seen in this beautiful image, which shows off Barbara's womanly shape in a gorgeous way:

The lakefront/beachfront setting adds so much to the pictures, as well. Reitmans is known for its lovely campaigns...

HSG 3rd June 2007 18:18

Re: Barbara: Delectable summer (at Reitmans)

Although Barbara Brickner's pregnancy was only recently announced, fans are already going into anticipatory Barbara withdrawal, just at the prospect of not seeing her in regular campaigns for several months.

That makes it all the more worthwhile to enthuse about her current promotions--of which the Summer 2007 Reitmans campaign stands out as singularly beautiful (as Mrs. Brickner's work with Reitmans always does).

The very finest pictures from the campaign have already been posted earlier in this thread, but we should add at least two more items. First, here is the cover that Barbara appeared in for this campaign, several weeks ago:

And second, a detail of the full-page image that appeared in the most recent Reitmans flyer. (Click to view larger.)

Click to enlarge

The latter image is especially admirable, as it shows, once again, how perfectly Barbara embodies the Classical ideal of the feminine figure. She exhibits the finest traits of each of the three female body types: the alluring contours of the hourglass, the sensually generous waist of the apple shape, and the womanly hips of the pear figure. Add to that her soft, full limbs, and together, these traits comprise a far more seductive combination that would a figure that exhibited only one of these three tendencies.

No wonder the male models with whom Barbara is frequently paired in the Reitmans campaigns always look as if they are in seventh heaven, for they know that they are gazing upon the living embodiment of Classical Antiquity, revived in the modern day.

You can see the latest Reitmans circular at the link below:

- Click here to view flyer

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