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HSG 14th January 2012 09:43

Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+

Everyone who was delighted with stunning plus-size model Kelsey Olson's advertising campaign for Forever 21 in 2011 will be thrilled when they see her new images for the popular youth-oriented label.

Miss Olson looks breathtakingly beautiful in this pretty, springtime item, appropriately dubbed a Rose Garden Dress. Her candy lips match the pink roses of the top. Her skin is ethereally fair, her tresses long and angelic. Her adorably round face exhibits visible traces of fullness.

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The dress itself s a lovely item, very feminine and girlish. The belt, commendably narrow rather than over-wide, brings the garment close to the body. The hues of the fabric and the print harmonize with Kelsey's fair colouring.

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Forever 21+ helpfully offers multiple angles of its wares, including this magnificent profile shot. Kelsey's buxom curves make the dress appear highly alluring. No faux-plus model could achieve such an effect. She exhibits an entirely natural physique, with a real sense of weight to her curves, not an artificial look.

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Kelsey herself becomes a springtime flowering of loveliness in this enchanting dress.

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The next outfit provides another instance in which Kelsey's fair complexion is ideal for showing off an outfit. The pink hue of the top, reflected in her skin tone, gives her a touch of colour. The pink shade beautifully harmonizes with her blonde tresses.

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Again, the profile view is intensely seductive, given Kelsey's opulent voluptuousness.

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Her face has an attractively full look, a well-fed appearance that adds to the sensuality of the photo. Her expression discloses touch of carnal appetitiveness percolating beneath her sweet, soft demeanour.

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In showcasing the following item, Kelsey appears bemused, as if she were privy to a secret that the viewer had not yet unriddled. The way in which her long, luxuriant hair cascades over her shoulder is highly alluring. Those romantic tresses seem to invite a caress.

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The top is quite sensual in its own right, with a semi-sheer fabric that tantalizes by offering a hint of the figure beneath. The partly open back is another eye-catching touch, providing a teasing glimpse of delicate, bare skin.

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In addition to coral shade, the top also comes in black. For this image, Kelsey throws back her head and adopts a vain look of self-satisfaction, which increases her allure. Black is not an ideal colour for figure definition, but it effectively sets off Kelsey's tresses, creating the visual effect of golden jewellery set against a velvety backing.

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The quarter-turn view shows Kelsey with a look of secure self-satisfaction, a casual confidence in her wondrous beauty.

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"Breezy" is how Forever 21+ describes this tunic-like top, a quality that Kelsey effectively evokes with her effortless, languid pose. Her relaxed, languorous expression enhances the innate softness of her look.

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For the quarter-turn view, on the other hand, while the model's demanour is appealingly docile, she exudes a calm vanity as well.

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She knows the intensity of passion that the sight of her voluptuous beauty will evoke, every bit as hot-blooded as her own appearance is passive and yielding.

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The following item, cleverly dubbed Love on the Line, shows Miss Olson at her sweetest and most angelic.

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This is the acclaimed look of babylike innocence and vulnerability which is Kelsey's specialty. Her skin tone appears especially fair in this photo, and with her blue eyes and pink lips, she seems like a living angel, helpless and in need of protection.

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The quarter-turn, however, shows that she has a sweetly seductive side as well. Her buxom contours fill out the top in a dramatic manner. She deliberately emphasizes her bust via her stance, in a manner worthy of Katrina van Tassel.

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In the reverse-view photo, Kelsey deftly turns her head to allow the viewer to see her softly reflective, dreamy expression.

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For this Safari Top, however, which exhibits something of an animal print, Kelsey's tresses appropriately appear wilder and looser, more untamed, like the golden mane of a lioness.

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The innate wildness of the item allows Kelsey to display every seductive quality at once, from the sensual view of her heavy voluptuousness (further emphasized by the scoop neckline), to her imperious yet gentle expression, to the cascading flow of her golden hair.

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Bravo to Forever21+ for booking such a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model to showcase its fashions. Youthful, curvaceous, and a softly shaped size 16, with ethereal features, fair eyes, and golden hair, Kelsey is the very embodiment of timeless beauty.

- Forever 21+

Tanya 19th January 2012 20:31

Re: Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+
Forever 21+ has now added a new item, wonderfully modelled by Kelsey:

Kelsey looks very pretty in this blouse. Her fair complexion is the perfect canvas for the kaleidoscope of colours that distinguishes the print.

The site calls this a "Rainbow Top," for obvious reasons. I love the delicate roundness of Kelsey's face, which she shows by deftly turning her head just a little to the side.

The buxom quarter-turn profile view is, as ever, the most size-positive.

I'm beguiled by Kelsey's expression. She seems wistful, even with a slight touch of sadness, which actually makes her seem even more vulnerable and affecting.

With her fresh, youthful appearance, Kelsey is sure to look 21 years old forever -- making her the perfect model for this trendy clothing chain. Gorgeous work from Miss Olson, as always.

Pamela 1st February 2012 12:43

Re: Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+
Here is a series of new items at Forever 21+ featuring Kelsey.

The prettiest of the lot, called a "Floral Cardigan" is one that actually appears to be no longer available. It's as if Forever 21+ deleted it a day after posting (!). But Kelsey looks soooo beautiful in this white outfit with rose/pink accents. It perfectly matches her complexion.

Former link:

White is such a gorgeous colour on Kelsey, as it allows her peaches-and-cream complexion to stand out. This piece is called a "Bejeweled Top"

This "Puffed Shoulder Top" comes in three colours. I find the peach colour to be the most sensual and attractive.

The profile shot accentuates Kelsey's soft voluptuousness.

I love her dreamy expression -- lost in reverie.

White is also a lovely colour for this item. The fit of the top is very body-conscious and thus flattering on a curvy figure like Kelsey's.

Black is a bit of a cop-out, but still pretty.

This "Free Your Mind Striped Top" isn't to my own taste, but if you'll notice, you can see a swell of fullness at Kelsey's waist in her fitted jeans.

This piece is called a "Bare Heart Top," owing to the graphic motif.

Kelsey looks gorgeous with her long tresses flowing to one side.

I'm not enthused about the pattern of this "Studded Geo Top," so I've zoomed in on Kelsey's lovely countenance. Her beauty is so soft and gentle, her expressions so dreamy, that she makes every item worth a look.

Ever since this site posted its interview with Kelsey, set at Disneyland, I've associated the model with Walt Disney's lovely fantasy world. How fitting, then, that Kelsey is modelling two Disney items for Forever 21+. This one is called a "Mickey Mouse In Action Top":

I think Kelsey takes special delight in modelling these items. You can see the happiness in her face. She really is the quintessential Disney Princess, the embodiment of that aristocratic-fantasy tradition.

You couldn't have Mickey without Minnie, so here's the complementary "Minnie Mouse Adventures Top"

Click to enlarge

All of these images are gorgeous. Kelsey looks like an angel in every photo. I adore Forever 21+ for selecting her to showcase its fashions -- a model who is genuinely full-figured and one of the most beautiful women ever photographed. Both aspirational and relatable, she's the perfect plus-size model for curvy girls of every age to identify with.

Kaitlynn 6th February 2012 16:09

Re: Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Forever 21 has published images of Kelsey in the most exciting item that she has ever modelled for this, or perhaps for any client. Ever.

Lily posted a wonderful thread last year about how gorgeous curvy girls look in bandage dresses. Well, here, at last, is a true plus-size model in a bandage dress. And it's in a stunning shade of red. No hiding or disguising here- this is for voluptuous vixens who want to get noticed.

Who could ever resist Kelsey in this exciting outfit, which fits her like a second skin? It shows the soft curvaceousness of her physique. The ruched sweetheart neckline showcases her buxom curves, while the fabric discloses a hint of fullness at her middle. And of course, her rounded arms are abundantly on display.

The reverse view features curves along her side.

I don't think anyone has noticed this yet, but Forever 21 also offers full-length views of each of its items, if you scroll across the thumbnails at the bottom of each product page. The fairness of Kelsey's skin tone, with her arms and legs as white as alabaster, makes her appear even more gorgeous, and makes the dress even more alluring.

This Fringed Cross Top is a striking item which can make a bold statement about the wearer's metaphysical inclinations. I love how Kelsey's tresses flow over the black fabric.

The full-length is the finest image, with Kelsey flirtatiously playing with her tresses and hiking up her skirt to show off her gorgeously soft, fair legs.

Another item in the Forever21 "fringe" collection is this Gilded Eagle Fringe Top.

Kelsey's hair-caressing gesture is coy, but it also shows off her fun accessories.

She looks contemplative in profile, while the angle alluringly showcases her abundant voluptuousness.

The item also comes in black.

Kelsey definitely has her saucy side, seen more dramatically when she puffs out her magnificent bust in a manner worthy of Katrina van Tassel.

Another item perfect for Valentine's Day is this "Destroyed Heart Top." This is a new wrinkle on the saying, "wearing your heart on your sleeve," and the idea that the heart is destroyed is a great conversation-starter.

A close-up of the profile view shows soft flesh tantalizingly peeking through the openings in the fabric.

I'm not convinced that the prominent zipper on this " Zip Me Up Woven Top" is such a great styling feature, but the item comes in no less than three different colours.

Peach, I think, is the most flattering on Kelsey's fair skin, adding just a hint of colour to her white beauty.

I never fail to be dazzled by the loveliness of her complexion. It makes her appear so young and angelic, and augments her look of softness.

Sensual curves along the model's back.

A very pro-curvy image showcasing the model's buxom curves- a natural, heavy, fleshy voluptuousness, not the Hollywood synthetic look.

Kelsey can adopt so many different moods and demeanours. I especially love her graceful personae, as seen here:

Miss Olson even makes the black outfit look seductive and doesn't let it hide her curves, but, thanks to her size-celebratory pose, shows them off.

Embracing the hinted-at contours along her back.

For a change of pace, Kelsey adopts a more peevish, annoyed expression- though with her innate loveliness, the image is still very attractive.

As someone else mentioned, when Kelsey dresses in white, it brings out her softest, most angelic qualities, as seen in this "Studded Love Top."

The way in which she gently caresses her golden hair makes her appear truly princess-like.

Pale blue is another attractive colour that plays off very effectively against Kelsey's fair skin. If you look carefully, you can see how sheer the fabric is, making this innocent-looking "Point d'Esprit Top" actually quite seductive.

This "Sequined Geo Top" is a more conservative look than usual for Forever21, but would make a fine option for school.

Kelsey smiles broadly and happily in the images, while the reverse view shows a soft curve along her back.

And finally, modelling this "Ruffled Twill Jacket," Kelsey adopts her gentlest, most vulnerable expression to catch the viewer's eye. Her hair cascades lyrically over her shoulders.

The profile view shows her looking more alert and engaged, but still passive and docile, involving the viewer.

Gorgeous images every one, but the first item, the red wrap dress, is sinfully seductive. It would be worthy of an editorial or test shoot, as it defines Kelsey's gorgeously soft, size-16 curves in an intensely alluring manner.

BigTC 6th February 2012 18:34

Re: Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+
The very sight of Kelsey in a form-fitting dress has immediately caught my attention. Granted I've yet to see a REALLY curvaceous girl in a Herve Leger dress, but Kelsey filled THAT one out, and rightfully so. Who says only skinny girls can wear form-fitting dresses? I don't have any more words to describe those images. Thanks, Kaitlynn, for posting those gorgeous pictures of Kelsey.

Hannah 14th February 2012 02:16

Re: Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+
While I do love the bandage dress that Kaitlynn posted, my own favourite item modelled by Kelsey for Forever 21+ has to be this ultra-feminine "Ruffled Spaghetti Strap Dress," which even comes in Forever 21's official shade of glorious yellow.

Kelsey looks so sweet and angelic in this item. I think she must have felt extra pretty when she was modelling it. This is Kelsey at her doll-like best. No one could wear these pretty ruffles as beautifully as she.

The profile view adds a little more overt seductiveness, with the model's buxom curves and the fullness by her arms. But it's still a soft, dreamy, girlish effect.

These pictures are so pretty, they deserve to be posted full-size as well as forum-size.

The back view shows how the thin straps add to the delicate, feminine impression the dress makes. Kelsey's complexion is the snowiest shade of fairness I've ever seen - flawless - and so smooth.

The full length displays her gorgeous legs.

The next item, a "Heathered Hoodie" comes in two colours. But it's the pink hue that really catches my attention. Pink is Kelsey's ideal colour, as its pastel softness complements her fair eyes and golden tresses.

I love Kelsey's pouty, spoiled expression, and the heavy, voluptuous waviness of her tresses. In this item, she looks like the Alpha Queen, prom-princess, head-cheerleader type that is the reigning Miss Popularity of any high school. In fact, I almost thought that the name of the piece referred to the high-school movie Heathers.

Kelsey looks so voluptuous in profile. These extra angle-photos indicate how legitimately full-figured she is, not just in her buxomness, but in the roundness at her midsection, as indicated by her fitted jeans,

and by the sensual curve of flesh along her back.

Speaking of Kelsey looking doll-like, this is the epitome of the concept of "a plus-size Barbie."

The item also comes in yellow, but a much more muted yellow than that of Kelsey's citrus dress, above.

Her expression, when she showcases her buxom contours, is proud and daring, a wickedly supercilious look, excitingly designed to make her meagre, underweight rivals feel inadequate compared to her well-fed voluptuousness.

This "Retro Abstract Top" is pretty enough, at least when Miss Olson models it. In this case, Forever 21+ offers two front views of the image, as if to give fans a choice as to which pose by Kelsey they prefer. I especially like the first of the two. By tilting her head ever-so-slightly to the side, Kelsey lets her long, golden hair cascade freely over her shoulders.

Last is a casual item, a "Watercolor Rose Cardigan." This looks very comfortable and breezy.

Kelsey's figure looks magnificent in profile, even in a looser item, thanks to her generous curves.

Also, I'm fascinated by her facial expression. She fixes the viewer with a look of enigmatic expectation. The way her long, luxuriant tresses frame her face in such a heavy, languid way is highly sensual.

So many of the full-lengths show Kelsey baring her white, beautifully shaped legs. I think Forever 21+ knows full well what a treasure it has been blessed with by having Kelsey model for them, and so they employ the body-as-fashion-accessory principle so that Miss Olson's beauty will help make its items irresistible.

Bottom line: every one of the pieces in this thread looks infinitely better on a true plus-size model, like Kelsey at a size 16, than it would on a faux-plus fraud. And furthermore, each piece is especially pretty when adorning such a stunning goddess as Miss Olson herself.

Pamela 18th February 2012 02:45

Re: Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+
It's always a pleasure to visit Forever 21 and find new images of Kelsey there, modelling attractive, youthful fashions.

The company gives this piece the fanciful name "Purl Knit Spacedye Sweater." Whether its hue is cosmological in origin or not, it does have an attractive colour.

For a size-positive touch, the sweater defines the soft, lovely curves along the model's back.

The next item is dubbed a "Pixelated Maxi Dress."

Whatever its intrinsic appeal, Kelsey looks gorgeous in it, as it shows off her full, luscious arms.

The thin straps look delicate and pretty against her soft, fair skin.

This "Crochet Fringed Vest" comes in two different colours. Kelsey certainly makes a powerful impression in profile, yet the innate softness of her look takes the edge off and introduces a gentle element.

Her expression, close up, is tender and thoughtful.

I like how the red handbag adds a splash of colour to this black/white ensemble.

In this profile image, Kelsey adopts a coquettish look. The fact that she wears shorts and bares her legs gives the outfit an undeniable sensuality.

Here's a look that Kelsey does better than anyone, a wounded, hurt expression. It achieves an immediate emotional pull and compels you to regard the image carefully.

I had to smile when I saw Kelsey's bemused expression while wearing this top with the rather provocative logo. It's a conversation-starter, that's for sure. Miss Olson certainly looks like she's in on the joke and wears a wry look of mischief.

Pictures like these, even in a regular commercial context, melt my heart. Kelsey's complexion is truly as fair as snow, her blue eyes so gentle, her parted lips so innocent, while the blonde tresses are luxurious and alluring. She can transform any picture into a masterpiece.

The final new piece, a "Static Stripe Tank," isn't my favourite, but I'll give anything Kelsey wears a second look.

It's amazing how much variety Kelsey can generate, even in an extended shoot like this. No two looks are similar; no pictures are wasted. Each photo tells a story, creates a mood, delivers an impression. Her talent is amazing, the equal of her divine beauty.

Shelley 1st March 2012 19:07

Re: Kelsey Olson: Forever 21+
Forever 21 has now released a new contender for the title of "most seductive plus-size outfit" - a Ruched Bodycon Dress.

It lovingly embraces Kelsey's every curve - her buxom contours, womanly hips, and the slight swell at her middle. The very notion of a "bodycon" (body conscious) dress means that the wearer must have a body for the dress to be conscious of. Thus, this items are tailor-made for plus-size goddesses, while waifs would look terrible in them, as the fabric would simply reveal their physical deficiencies and meagre, malnourished frames.

The dress is a phenomenal colour on her, the Jade blue perfectly setting off her snowy, fair complexion. The pink lip colour is the ideal complement for this hue. I adore the ruching in the fabric, which adds femininity.

Such a body-conscious dress deserves to be viewed from every angle. I sincerely believe that seeing how gorgeous Kelsey looks in this item, and then wearing it herself, would persuade any curvy girl to adore her figure. She would feel empowered in her body, knowing that her lovely physique is abundantly on display.

The accessories and colour add life to the look, and seem to accentuate the model's natural attributes: the yellow necklace being a brightened complement to Kelsey's golden hair, and the fuchsia handbag a heightened equivalent of the model's pink lip colour.

Also lovely is this Ruffled Spaghetti Strap Dress.

I find Kelsey's pose very effective. The head-down look is quite different, and it allows her golden tresses the spill forth, which complement the red hue of the dress as would gold jewellery.

The profile view demonstrates the alluring appeal of this item in how it bares the wearer's neck-and-shoulder area and soft, lovely arms. Kelsey has very natural, buxom curves, so all of Forever 21+'s bust-accentuating items are very flattering on her.

Now, I've never quite gotten the appeal of James Dean, but for those who do find him an icon, Forever21+ offers this top emblazoned with his image.

In a clever modelling touch, Kelsey echoes Dean's subtly pouting expression, as exhibited on the shirt.

If Dean is the epitome of "cool," then Kelsey too exhibits sangfroid in this image, showing off her voluptuousness. The way in which her tresses cascade over her shoulders is breathtaking.

Stunning images of Miss Olson, as always, and further proof that full-figured goddesses looks most gorgeous when they wear body-conscious items that define their soft, luscious curves, as does the new eye-catching blue ruched dress.

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