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Chad 16th November 2011 10:13

Martine McCutcheon - Curves, Actually
Does everyone remember the film Love, Actually? It was a charming U.K. romcom from several years back that starred a who's who of British film talent at the time, with each character involved in a different romantic plot.

The most delightful storyline was the one featuring Hugh Grant as the British Prime Minister and a British actress named Martine McCutcheon as a young assistant working at No. 10 Downing Street named Natalie.

Hugh Grant's character develops a crush on Natalie the moment he sees her:

Clip 1:

Several interludes follow, with both of them obviously becoming increasingly attracted to one another.

Then, the American President (played with Clintonesque sleaziness by Billy Bob Thornton) arrives for a summit, takes a shine to Natalie, and makes an inappropriate advance on her, which Hugh Grant witnesses.

Until this point, Hugh Grant's character has been deferential to his American guest. But, clearly shaken by the incident that he has just witnessed, he turns 180 and finally stands up to the President:

Clip 2:

The most pertinent scene, however, soon follows, as Hugh Grant, seeing that his crush on Natalie is jeopardizing his position as PM, asks that she be transferred.

The secretary refers to Natalie as "chubby," and Hugh Grant's reaction is priceless. He clearly can't rush to defend her looks (without outing himself as being infatuated with her), but he cannot abide the casual put-down of her figure. It's a moment that many men who prefer plus-size beauty can relate to.

Clip 3:

(Of course, this being a romantic comedy, their relationship doesn't end at this point. Watch the film to see what happens. It's a delightful movie.)

Anyway, like most people, I loved the scenes involving Natalie, but I couldn't comprehend how anyone could call the character "chubby," since she appeared indistinguishable in size from most Hollywood starlets.

Today, however, the Daily Mail ran an article affirming that now, several years later, Martine finally has acquired the lovely curves that her character in Love, Actually was always meant to have.

The article is rather unsavoury, but Martine looks gorgeous in her sleeveless dress, with soft, full arms.

If they were ever to make a sequel to Love, Actually, it would be wonderful to see Natalie once more, now with the plus-size figure that the original script called for.

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