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HSG 18th April 2012 10:29

Kailee: Muse Models Promo

As fans of lovely plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan will already be aware, she is currently signed in New York with Muse Model Management (

Earlier today, the agency released a promotion featuring a selection of girls from its plus-size board, Kailee among them. Notably absent from the image, unfortunately, are two of the agency's most genuinely full-figured models, Kristina Yeo and Tess Henstra. (Click the image to view it at a much larger size.)

Click to enlarge

Although fans prefer Miss O'Sullivan with longer tresses, she certainly captures the eye in the Muse promotion, her swimsuit closely embracing her lovely curves.

Click to enlarge

Better still, Muse has accompanied the new promo with a behind-the-scenes video showing the making of this shoot. Kailee is prominently visible at 0:02, 0:46, 0:51, 1:16, and 1:28.

We continue to wish Miss O'Sullivan every success with her latest New York agency, and hope to see further creative promotions from Muse in the near future.

- Muse Models: plus-size division

Hannah 21st April 2012 22:42

Re: Kailee: Muse Models Promo
The Vogue Italia web site has a write-up about this story with an extra image of Kailee from this shoot, alongside another model:

I wish the video had been shot in a more interesting location that a cold white studio, but at least the outfit embraces Kailee's figure. It's fascinating how, when looking at the original full-length image of all of the models (minus the absent Tess and Kristina, that is), the eye goes directly to Kailee. She effortlessly steals the show.


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