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Kaitlynn 27th July 2005 18:54

''Body-disparagement-free zone''
I stumbled on a nice anti-weight-loss site a few days ago called It has some good resources, although it hasn't been updated in a while. But something that caught my notice were these door hangers. Talk about a great back-to-school item! You can write to the site and get some for yourself. I think they would be perfect at any dorm, and would help students stop worrying needlessly about the "freshman 15" but instead feel good about themselves if they get curvier at school- where their parents aren't nagging them any more.

I think this message applies to this website as well.

HSG 28th July 2005 00:35

Re: ''Body-disparagement-free zone''

The frequency of the "freshman 15" gain simply indicates how many female students starve themselves beneath their natural weight throughout their adolescence. Once they are placed in a university setting, where they have more consequential things to think about than calorie counting, they can finally relax about food and eat whatever they want, and turn their attentions to more significant concerns.

What makes the statement on that hanger so important is that it decries putting oneself down for one's size. Obviously, anyone who isn't a thoroughgoing cretin should never tell anyone, "You're so f**" But it is just as important to encourage full-figured girls to stop putting themselves down as well. Body shame is just as contagious as body confidence, and girlfriends can either help each other love their curves--or resent them.

The only thing that would be even better than seeing Kaitlynn's discovery hanging off doors on campuses everywhere, would be if these were paired with matching hangers delivering a positive statement; i.e., ones that boldly proclaimed, "Entering Body-Love Zone," along with a green ring encircling the words, "I'm so gorgeous!"

Torrid beauty inviting young girls everywhere to share her self-confidence:

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