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MelanieW 5th December 2007 00:30

''Curves are cool again'' (article)
How refreshing to read a genuinely positive and uplifting article in the press about emergizing size-celebration. Its titled "Rejoice! Curves are cool again," and it was just published in an Irish newspaper (why am I not surprised? - Ireland being the heritage of the loveliest plussize beauties):

I enjoy how the writer demarcates the dividing lines between those who are suppressing the plus aesthetic, and those who want to celebrate it:

When it comes to the shape of a woman, there are two wholly different factions: there are those who believe that female curves are the work of the devil (couture fashion designers and photographers, fashion magazine editors, New York women, Hollywood starlets, WAGs, Victoria Beckham and silly boys), and sensible souls (the rest of grown-up society) who understand that there's no shame in being shapely.

To date, it's been the former faction who have been perpetrating the spurious notion that size zero is sexy but increasingly there are encouraging signs that things are on an upward curve.

Exactly. How absurd that the former group (which constitutes just a marginal fringe in society) has been allowed to dictate aesthetic standards to the rest of us for so long. Its time we took our culture back.

The writer contrasts the modern situation with the timeless appreciation of full-figured beauty - and you know that as soon as a writer references the aesthetic of the past, they understand what a travesty the modern fetish for scrawniness really is:

It seems that, due to popular demand, curves are on the way back to occupying the exalted position in which they were held in the good old days when they were glorified by artists and poets alike.

Nice to read such a pro-curvy article.

Maureen 6th December 2007 15:37

Re: ''Curves are cool again'' (article)
Nice to read such a pro-curvy article.

It is a nice article. It would have been even nicer had it been illustrated with fuller-figured starlets, though, instead of filling space with the surgically-altered Dita von Teese, skinny Beyonce and Scarlett Johanssen, and the sadly diminished Kate Winslet. *sigh*

Kaitlynn 7th December 2007 16:03

Re: ''Curves are cool again'' (article)
Originally Posted by Maureen
It would have been even nicer had it been illustrated with fuller-figured starlets, though*

I agree. I keep wishing that plus-size models would become more famous, so they would be the ones featured in stories like these. Then the message would be REALLY positive, and truly subversive.

This is sort of off topic, but pertaining to the quest for fuller-figured representatives, I'd like to name Mervyn's as another example of a retailer who has the right idea, and is using a bigger girl to model its plus-size clothing. Here she is in the latest flyer:

Very pretty- youthful and full-figured.

HSG 31st December 2007 17:07

Re: ''Curves are cool again'' (article)
Originally Posted by Maureen
It would have been even nicer had it been illustrated with fuller-figured starlets, though

Very true. From time to time, one does see pro-curvy articles in the press, or size-positive television reports on programs like Showbiz Tonight, but they are always limited by the absence of globally-recognizable curvaceous celebrities--goddesses who are youthful, gorgeous, and genuinely full-figured. Mostly, the programs either have to resort to celebrities whose figures aren't particularly opulent, and who are barely distinguishable from the underweight stars (that is the case with the above article), or plus-size actresses who aren't particularly attractive, and who only acquire a measure of renown due to playing a role in a film or TV show that perpetuates frumpy stereotypes about full-figured women.

The absence of true goddesses (to hold up as alternative examples) forever limits the subversive power of plus-positive media stories. Readers either cannot identify with the examples provided (the faux-plus stars), or they cannot rank the matronly plus-size actresses in the same aesthetic category as the glammed-up young Hollywood A-listers.

When the media turns to celebrities such as Christina Schmidt, or, (this being an Irish article,) Charlotte Coyle, or Chloe Agnew, when it holds these voluptuous vixens up as embodiments of a genuine alternative to anorex-chic tyranny, then we will finally see a truly subversive, size-positive element in the mass media. Young women will then be able to compare the beautiful, full-figured celebrities who represent them to the stick insects who represent their underweight rivals, and will realize that their own, timeless beauty is far superior.

Press image of radiant young "Celtic Woman" Chloe, her ethereally fair complexion glowing with its own angelic light.

- Click to view at a larger size

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