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Kaitlynn 13th December 2007 14:45

Kelsey: New Torrid images
How wonderful to see Kelsey back at Torrid. She really is the Chloe Agnew of modelling (or is Chloe the Kelsey Olson of classical music?), with such fair skin, golden hair, and baby-blue eyes.

Here are some of her new images. First, a cute "mint" lace top. I love this colour on Kelsey (who always looks adorable in pastels):

A couple of very cute print tees. Use the "close up" view to read more about the print's artist. His design makes me smile, and Kelsey is the perfect model for it:

Here's the other:

Her snowy complexion takes my breath away. Oh, and there are also a couple of new jackets; one in velvet:

For more, browse through

Kelsey always looks like a storybook princess when she models for their site...

HSG 14th December 2007 17:29

Re: Kelsey: New Torrid images

It's wonderful to see new images of Kelsey, who is still becomes more beautiful with every shoot. These latest pictures are magical.

Here is Kelsey in her "mint" top. It's a very pretty item for a voluptuous vixen, as it gently embraces the figure, accentuating the wearer's soft curves.

Click to enlarge

Prettiest of all among the new images is this one, showing Kelsey in one of the attractive new prints. Kelsey has a youthful, fairy-tale quality about her in any circumstance, and this charming design further emphasizes her girlish qualities. She looks utterly adorable.

Click to enlarge

But the close-up view of her enchanting facial features absolutely takes one's breath away. Her face is so soft and full, with the highly sensual "slight rise" of a "slope towards the throat," her exquisitely fair skin pulsing with a delicate flush, her soft golden hair tumbling lazily about her shoulders. Add to that her gentle blue eyes, and the result is a look that communicates irresistible vulnerability, a need to be protected and cared for, yet is also free and fun--the essence of youth, and the epitome of timeless beauty.

Click to enlarge

Here is the text on the shirt describing the design's creator, which makes one's apparel double as a conversation piece:

Click to enlarge

The design for the second shirt is a little bit more sensual rather than girlish, and fittingly, Kelsey adopts a more overtly alluring look. It is still the fullness in her facial features that makes her beauty so mesmerizing. Her thick, half-uncurled tresses have a palpable weight about them, creating in the viewer the overwhelming desire for tactile contact. Note the sophisticated embellishments to Miss Olson's eyes by Torrid's virtuoso makeup artist. Although the feline eyes in the print are intriguing, the model's own baby blues are far more bewitching. The print seems so appropriate for Kelsey--her charms veiled by a floral bouquet in the most feminine colours.

Click to enlarge

The text accompanying this print is even more interesting than the previous one, referring as it does to the artists's "fresh, pretty" and "feminine" tendencies.

Click to enlarge

Ravishing images of Kelsey, and exceptional work by Michael Anthony and the Torrid team.

renata 16th December 2007 17:32

Re: Kelsey: New Torrid images
I think those pictures of Kelsey are some of the cutest I've ever seen. She looks like an angel. She really does.

I also found her in this new Torrid embroidered jacket.

But I'm still starry-eyed over those other images. "Sugar and spice and all things nice" - she makes you believe it! Prettiest beauty of them all...

M. Lopez 18th December 2007 03:28

Re: Kelsey: New Torrid images
What a pretty sight to see in my e-mail Inbox: a gorgeous new Torrid image of Kelsey.

Her face and figure look so beautiful because they're full, and that golden hair flowing over her shoulders is nature's highest Art. The top, with the plunging neckline, is extremely flattering on her. The pendant, a winning touch, draws the attention to her decolletage. A sensual yet tasteful image.

MelanieW 20th December 2007 12:19

Re: Kelsey: New Torrid images
Kelseys Torrid pictures always mesmerize me. She looks especially pretty in another floral print tee:

She is also modelling a new Torrid dress. Check it out here:

HSG 23rd December 2007 22:12

Re: Kelsey: New Torrid images

For fans of Miss Olson (which is to say, for every admirer of true beauty in the world), here is a close-up of Kelsey in the latest girlish print tee from Torrid. She looks . . . dreamy is the word that comes to mind.

Click to view image source

Kelsey is also currently modelling several hats in Torrid's "Accessories" section. The pictures are well worth a look, if only to see her soft facial features up close. Her beauty truly is breathtaking. Note the faintest whisper of a blush on her apple cheeks.

Click to view image source

At this time of year, even those of us with a secular bent cannot help but entertain thoughts of heaven. With her delicately fair features and porcelain complexion, Kelsey truly seems to be an angel in human form, sent to earth to lift even the lowest spirits, and to gladden the hearts of all who gaze upon her.

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Emily 29th December 2007 14:09

Re: Kelsey: New Torrid images
Here's a lovely new picture of Kelsey at the Torrid site:

She looks so sweet and adorable here. I've never before seen her complexion look so creamy white, and with the light top with pink accents, it's a great look. I like the ribbon tie at the front of the top, which gives it an extra touch of femininity, and the cut is gently sensual, yet still pretty.

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