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Kaitlynn 23rd December 2007 02:15

Kailee: David's Prom 2008
It's a bit early to be talking about next year's prom fashions, but the campaigns are beginning to roll out. I doubt that anyone will be able to match Kelsey Olson (accompanied by Lindsey G.) for Aurora Formals, which yielded so many gorgeous images, but Kailee has a new series out for David's Prom:

I have to say, I think her campaign for a different prom retailer last year was a little bit better, both in terms of the pictures and the gowns. More importantly, Kailee might have been a bit fuller-figured then (and therefore even more beautiful). But the dresses and images are nevertheless lovely.

This is my favourite gown in the collection, the most opulent and extravagantly feminine:

I love the ruched bodice and the folds of fabric in the skirt area.

I also find this style flattering in terms of the bust, and Kailee shows if off especially well:

Kailee also strikes an effective pose in this gown. I love how she plays with her hair, and the wrap in her hand makes for visual interest:

Very beautiful, but I continue to wish that she were a bit fuller-figured...

davey49 25th December 2007 20:11

Re: Kailee: David's Prom 2008
Originally Posted by Kaitlynn
Very beautiful, but I continue to wish that she were a bit fuller-figured...

I agree
I really like the dress in the last link
Have you noticed that in almost all prom shoots the skinny models look to be 25 years old or older? Not only are the normal size women more attractive, they're also more age appropriate.

klara 26th December 2007 09:15

Re: Kailee: David's Prom 2008
I agree. The thinner the older the face will look.

I think it's sad to see that Kailee has diminished a little. She looked more beautiful in last year's campaign.

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