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HSG 18th January 2008 22:53

Kailee: New Polaroids

Recently, Ford released a new set of Polaroids of young beauty Kailee O'Sullivan, and while they don't show a hoped-for fuller-figure from the model, neither do they indicate that she has diminished herself--and that's a good thing.

In a way, they are a reverse image of the popular Polaroids that Kailee shot last year, except this time, instead of being dressed in pure white, she is black. As a result, we will post the Polaroids twice: First, in their unaltered state, to show off Kailee's fair complexion, and second, brightened, to reveal the shape of the model's figure.

Note in particular the photograph on the bottom-right, which shows Kailee exhibiting a particularly captivating demeanour. It's a highly romantic expression, with the model looking away, but seemingly gazing within, lost in sweetly melancholy thoughts.

Now, here are the images brightened:

Kailee is a buxom beauty, and wisely adopts outfits that emphasize her generous figure. The narrow (rather than wide) belt is an excellent choice, indicating the wearer's shape without compressing her soft waist. The brighter images also better reveal her lovely hairstyle, with her tresses flowing over her bare skin, drawing the eye towards her seductive decolletage. It's an extremely attractive hairstyle on Miss O'Sullivan, a way of tying back the hair somewhat to reveal the shape of the face (which, in Kailee's case, is round and feminine, not androgynously oval--hence her beauty), yet still showing off volume, and alluringly flowing waves.

The stats provided with the images indicate that Kailee's figure--displayed so memorably in Glamour magazine last year--is essentially unchanged:

One always wishes that Miss O'Sullivan might become fuller-figured someday, but she is an extraordinary beauty, and, to her great credit, has never appeared in any advertisements for anti-plus companies (which is the worst betrayal that any model can commit). We continue to look forward to her future campaigns.

Emily 12th April 2008 02:20

Re: Kailee: New Polaroids
Kailee also appears in the spring plus-size catalogue for the German retailer Otto.

She is even their cover girl:

Unfortunately, I think the catalogue was shot in the regrettable period when Miss O'Sullivan diminished a little in size and therefore beauty. That, or the photographer went out of his way not to show Kailee's curves. The clothing is too formless, for the most part, and what's worse is that Otto clearly still subscribes mostly to the outdated faux-plus notion of full-figured models.

The only pictures that exhibit some trace of Kailee's curves might be this one:,fl,flash_kat1

and this one:,fl,flash_kat1

So while it's nice to see them using Kailee, I wish she'd been a little fuller-figured for the shoot. Her current appearance, based on her latest David's Bridal pictures, is SO much lovelier.

The direct link to the catalogue is here:

Kaitlynn 12th May 2008 03:25

Re: Kailee: New Polaroids
Kailee is also at Fashion Bug these days, in two versions of the same image:

It's a pretty picture, but I do wish they would take advantage of her curvy figure and show it off. Her David's Prom videos shows just how shapely and gorgeous she really is. Other retailers should follow suit.

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