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M. Lopez 10th February 2008 04:23

Barbara: Spring at Reitmans
Although the campaign is, regrettably, another one in which the model is just shown against a bare white background, it's wonderful to see Barbara at Reitmans again for their long-awaited Spring '08 campaign.

I love her alluring expression in this image, and the fact that her hair is a little longer. That always adds so much to her beauty. It flows around her face in a soft, lovely way. Attractive blouse too - with the ruching at the bust, it's very flattering on a buxom figure.

Here's another sensual expression, in a picture of Barbara in a feminine blouse. It would have looked better paired with a skirt, though.

You can see more images at the link provided below:

MelanieW 10th March 2008 05:45

Re: Barbara: Spring at Reitmans
Reitmans has updated the spring lineup with a number of new Barbara images. I especially like this one, which is fresh and fun. Plus, you can see the curve of her waist, along the side. Reitmans always manages to interject some size-positive elements into their pictures.

And although I am not a suit fan (not in the least), I do like this picture, if only because you can see that Barbaras curvy figure is trying to give the outfit some shape that it otherwise wouldnt have, in the way that its opening at the waist.

There are a few more images in the e-flyer:

but the best new Barbara photo is probably the one thats in rotation on the Reitmans cover page. She has one of her signature ultra-confident expressions. Stunning.

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